US Crypto Summer Hackathon

6 min readMay 24, 2021

The US Summer Crypto Hackathon 2021 is coming! Hosted by DoraHacks.

Register now: / Tele Group @DoraHacksUS (FREE admission!)

Now, the market is at another turning point — we know that DEXes will not change the world alone, far from it. If we want to win the long battle, we need to build cryptos into mass adoption.

So, we organize an entirely different hackathon from the previous ones — the US Crypto Summer Hackathon 2021.

In this hackathon, we address three critical directions of future crypto developments.

  1. The battle of cryptos to become real currencies, especially in space
  2. The mass adoption of Web3 technology and its applications
  3. The emerging DAO and on-chain governance technology

Build for the long-term trend, build for the next MEGA Bull.

- Doge Hack

Dogecoin and Bitcoin are going to become the space currency — for sure. But there are many pending problems to solve: the blockchain network bandwidth, the throughput, the speed, the security, the communication, the use cases, the inter-planetary consensus algorithms, the energy efficiency and sustainability.

Hackers can design & implement anything that helps Dogecoin and Bitcoin become the true space currency.

Remember: “in the long run, the real battle is between fiat & crypto.”

- Web3 Hack

Web3 is revolutionizing Web2, taking power back to the people. Every major Web2 infrastructure and use case will turn Web3. Think about things in Web3: the decentralized social network and media, the blockchain-based esigning, cross-chain payments, decentralized storage, non-compromising identity services. Smart people DON’T JUST BUILD DEX!

- DAO Hack

The core of DAO is on-chain governance. Without blockchain, many things are unimaginable! Now we can implement quadratic voting, Harberger tax, continuous organizations, Moloch, and many more ON-CHAIN! The new generation of on-chain governance is coming to reality, invent new schemes and build DAOs for mass adoption!

Who can apply?

  • Hackers who have ideas and teams building moonshot crypto technology and products driving the mass adoption in long run.
  • Teams already building on an existing project: Looking to expand your team? Need to BUIDL new features? Need an intro to investors? Let us know what kind of resources you need. We’re always here to help amazing hackers and teams!
  • Teams that have participated in other blockchain Hackathons and continue to iterate on their projects. You’re welcomed to join and build your product during the event.
  • Developers who want to learn more about crypto & blockchain. New to the space? No worries, we’ve got you covered. There will be tons of workshops for you to learn from the best people in the crypto space from scratch. We’ll also help you find teammates later.

Why Join Us?

1. Great Prize Pool waiting for you!: Every project that gets voted will be able to share a slice of our total prize pool plus community donations, distributed and fund matching by our on-chain quadratic voting and funding mechanism. (More updates coming soon)

2. Publicity Exposure: We provide opportunities for you to showcase your projects to our developer communities around the world via social media channels!

3. Support: We have FREE workshops for you to kick-start your projects! Also, you will have access to our top-notch mentors for technical support and advice.

4. Further Fundings: We have many venture partners behind the scene. We will connect good projects to investors and help your projects to potentially get funded.

5. Certificates: Participation Certificates will be awarded to all the participants and Award certificates will be given to the top 3 teams on our leaderboard.

6. Free T-shirt: Cool and specially designed T-shirts will be given away freely to the members of the top 5 teams!

7. Souvenirs: Limited-edition “Brainy Cat” mascot plushies will be given to the members of the top 3 teams!

More is waiting for you! It’s an amazing time to BUIDL!


We believe some of you are amazing bounty hunters! There will be bounties provided by many hackathon partners starting from July 2021. Stay tuned and get ready to tackle them to win a good number of cryptos as rewards! Please know that the bounties will be separated from the hackathon prize pool.

How to apply

It will be a good start if you have some of the skills listed below:

BFT | Lightening | Taproot | Consensus Algorithms | Renewable Energy

Satellite Communications | Asteroid Commodities | Communication Technologies

Solidity | IPFS | NFT | Arweave | ZKP | Rust | Substrate | Solana

DAO | On-chain Governance | Radical Markets | Privacy Technology

Front-end | Back-end | Full Stack | Mobile App Development

Meme creator | Crypto Artist | DAO curator | UI/UX

Ready? Let’s Hack. Let’s BUIDL!


Hackathon pre-registration: June 15-June 30

Workshop starts: Mid-July

Project Submission: July 15 — August 31

Community voting: July 15 — August 31 12:00 GMT-6

Judges voting: August 15-August 31

Project live demos: July 25-August 15

Hackathon Finale & Finalist Demo: August 28–29


What if I want to build a project, but have no teammates?

The hackathon Discord group is the best place to find your teammates! Introduce your project, skillsets, and your expectations for your teammates. Then, let the souls find each other.

If you like to build the project on your own, you are also welcome!

Will there be any Mentors?

We invite top-notch mentors and judges from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and venture capitals to join us at the event and support the hackers.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a decentralized global hacker community, hackathon organizer, and venture builder. DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform provides tools to incentivize and foster open-source blockchain development, such as grants, bounties, BUIDLs, and hackathons.

Since November 2020, DoraHacks has organized BSC quadratic funding grant, Solana Season Hackathon China, FIlecoin Grant Round-1, Flow Grant Round-1, HECO Grant Round-1, Defi Hackathon in Beijing, Substrate Hackathon in Hangzhou, ETH Hackathon in Beijing, SEA Hackathon in Singapore, and Web3 Hackathon in Austin, Texas! Hundreds of amazing projects were submitted and you can view them all on HackerLink (!

Our Global Hackathon Series (GHS) Partners are:

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