Solana Summer Camp Grant at 24 selected grantees of the quadratic funding grant revealed

4 min readAug 31, 2022

A new rivalry is about to flame up among the 24 selected grantees!

This September, is thrilled to deliver 24 selected entrants to the next $SOL challenge. 24 selected grantees are being sized out of the sum of 116 BUIDL submissions, to compete for a share of the $100K exclusive prize pool!

In light of the post-hackathon, the 24 competing grantees are not finalists. They will submit their BUIDL to the Solana Summer Camp Grant to embark on a fresh scavenger hunting journey. Besides the $50,000 shared prize, the rest of the $50,000 will be allocated with the community votes. What does this entail? Grantees’ winning key is to earn community recognition within 7-day, demonstrate their charisma, and advocate as much as contributions. More votes, more shares!

How to vote for the grantees:

Validate your $SOL for the right BUIDLs, let’s meet the 24 grantees!

DeFi Track Grantees

1.Amulet Protocol

Amulet Protocol is a decentralized insurance protocol built for the Rust-based ecosystem, starting with the Solana blockchain.

2. Beluga Protocol

Beluga Protocol is a revolutionary liquidity network built on Solana that specializes in stableswaps.

3. compact DEFI

compact DEFI is a 1-stop-shot solution on solana network for everyday. on compact-defi you can manage your holding such as SPL & NFT. you will be able send SPL, join DEFI mechanisms like staking, swapping, lending, selling NFT on magicEden and more.

4. LP Finance

LP Finance is a synthetic asset protocol on Solana. Users can mint synthetics (lpUSD & lpSOL) interest-free while earning interest on collateral.

5. Nomis

Nomis is an open source credit score protocol that helps developers build better DeFi products.

6. Via.Exchange

Advanced cross-chain liquidity aggregator.

Payment Track Grantees


Blepay is a new Solana wallet with built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) based payment solution that supports offline payment, and users scan the environment to find nearby payees.

2. Elusiv

Elusiv combines privacy with compliance to protect all Solana users with accessible and compliant privacy.

3. Faceless

A Cross-Platform Private Payment Scheme for Human-Readable Identifiers.

4. Gotok

Gotok is the easiest way to spend crypto online and in-store by issuing virtual cards backed by USDC in your wallet.

Mobile Track Grantees


A NFT-gated community social app.

2. CINI: Capture and earn

CINI is the next generation film camera ready to revolutionize the photo space with a capture and earn model.

3. Effisend

Mobile-First wallet, cash out and Point of Sale Superapp that combines TradFi through Stripe with Web3 to improve Financial Inclusion in Mexico and LATAM.

4. Solbase Dapp

Solbase is a Decentralized Mobile Application built on Blockchain Technology Solana, (Web 3) that Encourage Social DAO, Consolidating a 360 Web3 audio value experience , Reducing depression, and improving mental health, a Platform that encourages Collaborative, learning, and financial freedom.

5. SUPACharge

SUPACHARGE will be the first Web3 native cross-platform application that will allow seamless auto-onboarding of users & Project Creators into created channels, ease of NFT and Token transactions and communication under a single platform using a novel approach. It will also enable convenient onboarding of new users who do not yet own a Web3 wallet onto the platform.

Game Track Grantees


DEBEATS is the first decentralized music NFT game built on Solana where you can play, create and earn.

2. RACE Poker

RACE Poker is an open sourced web 3 poker protocol that utilizes the powers of blockchain technology to leverage the gaming experiences through decentralization and transparency.

3. Zodiac

Zodiac is an ACG creation space based on multi-blockchains, aiming to provide users a top-level experience of decentralized visual entertainment. Also, support the community’s fan-fiction and connect with different NFTs.

4. Plasmaverse

Plasmaverse is a Multi-Phase Metaverse ARPG Game running in Solana blockchain that brings a good quality game experience and strong economic design. The prototype is available for desktop (windows) at the moment and will provide a mobile version at a later stage.

Web3 Track Grantees

1.KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn by socializing with their friends, creating content & building community as Investment DAO run by their own minted NFTS.

2. Keysafe Protocol

Keysafe connects users’ Web2 and Web3 accounts in a verifiable and private way.

3. Ora

Ora enables anyone to make sense of blockchain data by providing a human-readable interface to easily interpret on-chain accounts and transactions.

4. Soda Protocol

An on-chain coins mixer protocol which can be regulated with user’s privacy fully protected.

5. Souffl3

An NFT trading market that supports aggregation of all liquidity. In addition to this, we also provide a variety of intelligent trading features, such as limit order, intelligent order following and powerful data analysis system.

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