Solana Season Hackathon@Asia’s Community Quadratic Voting & BUIDL submission has ended — 92 BUIDLs received a total funding of $358,000

2 min readJun 30, 2021


June 27: The Solana Season Hackathon@Asia Grant organized by DoraHacks has officially ended. 92 projects from Asia had submitted projects on the DoraHacks developer platform, HackerLink, and received a total funding of 358,000 USD: 50,000 USD from the Subsidy Matching Pool, 75,000 USD from the Judges’ Prize Pool , and 233,000 USD from the Community Contribution.

Check out the applicants and projects:

6 top-notch technical mentors had conducted LIVE Solana workshops during the hackathon. Also, 40 teams had demonstrated their projects on Live. All these livestream videos are available for the public on DoraHacks’ Youtube official channel.

Check out the playlist:

A grace period of 3–5 days started immediately after the hackathon had ended. Both the Hackerlink and Solana’s developers are conducting a close-source analysis of the voting results to detect if there is any sybil attack.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a decentralized global hacker community, hackathon organizer, and venture builder. DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform provides tools to incentivize and foster open-source blockchain development, such as grants, bounties, BUIDLs, and hackathons.

Since November 2020, DoraHacks has organized BSC quadratic funding grant, Solana Season Hackathon China, FIlecoin Grant Round-1, Flow Grant Round-1, HECO Grant Round-1, Defi Hackathon in Beijing, Substrate Hackathon in Hangzhou, ETH Hackathon in Beijing, SEA Hackathon in Singapore, and Web3 Hackathon in Austin, Texas! Hundreds of amazing projects were submitted and you can view them all on HackerLink (!

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