Solana Season Hackathon@Asia Application Guidance

About the Hackathon

Starting April 28th, Solana Foundation, together with Serum and Raydium, will open up registration for the Solana China hackathon, its 3rd virtual hackathon on, the DoraHacks developer platform.

The prize pool of the Hackathon is totaled up to $1 million in prizes and seed funding. $50,000 will be distributed to participating teams by Solana community voters via the Hackerlink platform’ s quadratic voting grant. $75,000 will be granted from hackathon judges that lead the crypto space. The rest of the 1 million prize will be seed funding, prepared for teams to further develop in the Solana ecosystem.

While participants are encouraged to build novel crypto apps, hackers can build infrastructure or any tool they believe will have an impact on the Solana ecosystem. The only requirement is that teams must incorporate Solana into their project in some way.

Take a look at this list of hackathon project ideas.

Throughout the registration period and hackathon, there will be live stream presentations, workshops, and open discussions on a variety of crypto-related topics. The goal is to help jumpstart your Solana experience and provide you with maximum technical guidance!

Ready? If you build it, they will come!

How to Apply

0. Preparation

* Create an account on if you’re new to sollet.

* Make sure you have at least 0.003 SOL in your sollet balance as gas.

(If you have no balance, please go to @hackerlinkoffcial on Telegram for gas help!)

*Disconnect your VPN (if any).

  1. Go to the entry:, click “Apply Grant”. If you are new to hackerlink, please create an account.

2. Choose Grant Round and connect your Sollet wallet to hackerlink.

You should see this page after clicking. Then click “Connect”.

3. Click “Create a new BUIDL”.

4. Fill in the necessary information.

5. If you want to add your team members to the project, they need to have an account on hackerlink. You can add them via their emails for registration.

6. URLs are optional. But they will help voters and judges better understand your project.

  • Notice: Please fill in only 1 URL for each blank.

7. Click “Submit”, you will need to approve the transaction (for gas). Please make sure you have some SOL in your sollet.

8. Well done! You can edit any detail of your project from your “Account” — “My BUIDLs” after submission.

Please go to @hackerlinkofficial for project verification after submitting your project!

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a decentralized global hacker community, hackathon organizer, and venture builder. DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform provides tools to incentivize and foster open-source blockchain development, such as grants, bounties, BUIDLs, and hackathons.

Since November 2020, DoraHacks has organized BSC quadratic funding grant, Solana Season Hackathon China, FIlecoin Grant Round-1, Flow Grant Round-1, HECO Grant Round-1, Defi Hackathon in Beijing, Substrate Hackathon in Hangzhou, ETH Hackathon in Beijing, SEA Hackathon in Singapore, and Web3 Hackathon in Austin, Texas! Hundreds of amazing projects were submitted and you can view them all on HackerLink (!

For more information on DoraHacks, please visit our website | Medium | Discord | Telegram



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