Review | DoraHacks Hackathon of Spring Season in Wuhan Concluded Successfully, Hundreds of Edge Technology Talents from Universities would Create a New Era of Technology Together

7 min readJan 15, 2019

It was 3 am on April 7, 2018, only seven hours left before the official group presentation. The Tencent Creative Space in the Modern World Trade Center of Wuhan Optics Valley was still brightly lit. All the players were in their own cubicles, keeping their eyes on the screen with their keyboard clattering under their fingertips. You could even feel that their brains were running at a fast speed. What were they doing? They were performing the final shaping and iterative preparation for the products. The whole group’s efforts were condensed in front of these small screens.

It was rainy in Wuhan in April, and the temperature of mid-spring fell sharply. However, it could not cool down the enthusiasm of nearly 100 hackers. They came and gathered in this DoraHackathon in the rain, from different science and technology university associations all over Wuhan, to take part in this 24-hour long battle.

After eating hot-and-dry noodles and bean curd, they dispelled the fatigue of the restless night and connected the projection equipment. At 10 am, 16 teams came up to the display table in turn and showed their team results to 100 hackers present.

“We’ll be parents one day. By that day, I hope my kids would be able to go to the hospital with the fun of fighting monsters there, and all the viruses defeated by them would become their own meritorious medals. I wish that every door of the clinic could have temperature and emotion.” The captain of Haha Team said so.

This team’s Interactive Trigger Design of Children’s Hospital Door Lock was very unique. With its great feasibility and perfect presentation, the product was recognized by all the contestants and teams present and won the group championship in the final voting session.

From basic ideas about the products to thousands of lines of a code relay race, what you can find behind every perfect product with a high degree of completion is the tireless efforts and creation of the hackers, who achieved all of these within 24 hours only.

This is the largest hacker community in China, the decentralized global hacker organization — -DoraHacks Hackathon of Spring Season in Wuhan of 2018. This event in Wuhan is an important step in DoraHacks 2018 All-Star Program. It connected directly to local universities and attracted a large number of technology talents. During the activities, 16 high-tech products were invented, such as automated office logistics network, interactive trigger design of children’s hospital door lock, multiplatform live broadcast, online social networking of programmers, in-depth learning chat AI, etc. All of them are likely to be available in the future to bring the world a few changes.

The event is sponsored by Huobi Technology Co., Ltd, the world’s leading blockchain asset financial service provider, and is supported by Bili Star, a quality online and offline education courses and sharing community taking proactive interaction as core education idea with Wecash, China’s leading Internet Credit Evaluation Technology platform. They escorted the hacker’s quest for the technology of useless value and their journey to episteme.

Over the past decades, the young talents from different universities in Wuhan have led the development of science and technology in central China with their high-quality and high-standard scientific and technological organizations as well as program development teams. And they are radiating to influence the vast areas of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In Kuanggu Newtown, where technology innovation enterprises and science and technology information centers gather together, these young edge technology talents from university associations, who are also the mainstays of future national science creation, are competing with each other by using innovative thinking and words and are making technology sparks by the collision against each other.

This hackathon is undertaken by Zi Qiang Studio of Wuhan University. The activity brought together the mainstays of the scientific creation university organizations in Wuhan, such as Zi Qiang Studio of Wuhan University, Mu Xi Studio of Central China Normal University, Token Team of Wuhan University of Technology, and the Computer Department of China University of Geosciences, etc. They all sent out their strong competitors to take part in the competition. The local colleges and universities that have joined the DoraHacks2018 All-Star Program are:

Network Culture Studio of Wuhan University (Zi Qiang Studio) is one of the largest student internet teams in Wuhan University and even in Central China with 5 centers and 15 departments, which is also one of the National University Network Culture Studios authorized by the Ministry of Education. Its main online products in operation include Zi Qiang Web (the most popular portal for students), Zhang Shang Wu Da official WeChat account (more than 60, 000 followers), Zhang Shang Wu Da App (more than 20, 000 downloads), official WeChat and Weibo account of Zi Qiang School, Zi Qiang News (Be a Responsible Campus Media), Taoke Website (Trip Advisor of Wuhan University ‘s Elective Course) and Chihu (Keeping all Surrounding Food in Grasping), etc. The brand activities organized by the Studio include Top Ten Outstanding Students of Wuhan University Contest, Run! Wuhan University, Graduation Bazaar, and Self-Study without the Internet, etc. Seventeen years after its founding, Zi Qiang Studio’s charm has never faded but got greater and greater. The vision of Zi Qiang Studio is to become one of the most professional and interesting university Internet teams of China and to guide the spirit of Wuhan University.

(The volunteer team)

Mu Xi Studio is a student Internet technology team based in CCNU. They develop popular campus Internet products. The Studio is made up by front-end group, background group, mobile group, design group, and product group. They advocate free Internet culture, respect all imaginative ideas and try everything to make them happen.

The intense Hackathon lasted for 24 hours. The audience and competent Hacker judges present were captivated by these Hackers’ diverse selection of topics, astonishing amount and completion degree of code, and the bright ideas. Among them, three teams stood out by voting and won the first, the second and the third place respectively.

The Interactive Trigger Design of Children’s Hospital Door Lock based on the conversion of effect is designed by Haha Team. It is aimed at the phenomenon that children of school age are afraid of the hospital in the course of seeking medical treatment and resisting strange space and treatment such as taking pills, having injections or having physical examinations, etc. They designed an edge-triggered sterilizing interaction on the door lock, which could present the actual medical treatment process as a virtual task of saving the world, in order to give the children positive psychological hints and conversion of effect.

Bug Team’s Pixel classic Mini Game was created independently. It is a level game based on H5 platform, taking the first-person perspective of a programmer with Super Mary, Tetris, and pinball as main levels. The game tells a story about a rookie programmer who encounters numerous debugging mistakes but never gives up, showing hackers’ strong feelings of hard-core science and technology.

MoeLive Team focused on the most popular thing of today, network platform live broadcast. With people’s demand for individualized live broadcast increasing, the team aimed at beauty, filter, white balance, contrast, color value adjustment and other personalized needs, pushed the broadcast directly to the unified rtmp server, and realized open source live broadcast.

Apart from these, other brillant products include:

EtheShop designed by Right or Not Team is a block chain secondary trading platform. Based on the open, transparent and non-tamper nature of the block chain, EtheShop reaches the trust problems of multiple distrust nodes in secondary transaction, solved the problem of bad money driving out good caused by information asymmetry in lemon market (Akerlof model), and established a credible, acentric and low-cost block chain secondary trading platform.

Travel Together Account Book designed by What You Said is All Right Team is a simple and wieldy WeChat mini program. When you travel with your friends, it can help you solve the troubles caused by entangled private and public accounts. It also supports multiplayers’ collaborative account keeping and makes everyone’s travel accounts clear.

The customized chat robot designed by Terminator of Awkward Chats Team was able to recognize more than 80% of the chat content and give the most appropriate response after only 24-hour deep learning. By building stratification, setting a corpus with different priorities, and using the artificial intelligence algorithm such as Bayesian classifier, the team made the robots imitate each user and gave birth to authentic chat robot with charater.

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