Recap: Supporting Yale’s Premier Quantum Computing Hackathon

2 min readApr 23, 2024


We are proud to support YQuantum, organized by the Yale Quantum Institute, held from April 13th to 14th. Together with all the YQuantum organizers, participants, and supporters, we also celebrated World Quantum Day on the 14th. This event not only stands as Yale’s premier quantum computing hackathon but also marks as the first-ever private and quantum computing hackathon hosted on the DoraHacks platform. Supporting and being part of this hackathon has been an extraordinary experience.

With nearly 40 teams and 135 hackers, spanning undergraduates, graduates, and even high schoolers, the hackathon showcased a dynamic community eager to tackle quantum computing challenges posed by companies like QuEra Computing, Classiq Technologies, IBM Quantum, SandboxAQ, Quantinuum, and ourselves, all within a 24-hour timeframe, demanding remarkable dedication and innovation. Explore all projects here.

We were delighted to present one of the challenges, focusing on AI-inspired Classification of Quantum Computers. Watching seven teams tackle our challenge with unique perspectives and ideas was truly inspiring. Each team brought a fresh approach to the problem, and we are immensely grateful for their participation. The winning team Spooner achieved an impressive accuracy improvement of up to 78%. We successfully replicated their results. Explore their project here.

Furthermore, we had the honor of visiting Yale Quantum labs and attending a keynote address by Prof. Steven Girvin, providing truly inspiring insights. A big thanks to the organizing team at the Yale Quantum Institute, particularly Pranet Sharma, Florian Carle, and the entire team for putting together such an amazing event.

Looking ahead, at DoraHacks, we are committed to supporting more communities and organizations in hosting quantum computing hackathons. We aim to encourage more builders interested in quantum computing to tackle its challenges and foster collaboration among quantum computing enthusiasts within our community.