Over 50 Judges/Mentors Joined Celestia’s Inaugural Global Hackathon, Delivering 28 Tech/Non-Tech Workshops

3 min readMay 6, 2024


Celestia just kicked off its first-ever global online hackathon, “Infinite Space Bazaar,” on DoraHacks.io, featuring a $100,000+ prize pool, participant collectibles and mentorship sessions. This hackathon is about bringing together the entire Web3 community to push the boundaries of what is possible in the modular ecosystem. Upon registration, hackers are sorted into one of four Hogwarts-style “Houese”, where they will receive exclusive NFTs, developer resources, mentorship, and find like-minded teammates. Hackathon registration and project submission is open until May 17, 2024.‌

The judging panel for “Infinite Space Bazaar” includes a distinguished lineup with 51 Cosmos ecosystem VIPs, featuring Celestia’s core team (including co-founders, CTO, and COO), Jelena Djuric (CEO of Noble), Chjango Unchained (founder of InterchainFM), Robin Bisschop (CTO of Abstract Money), and Scott Sunarto (founder of Argus). Additionally, teams from Owl Protocol, Maven11, and other project leaders, Web3 media, and venture capitals. Altogether, these 51 mentors and judges will evaluate the submissions based on their technicality, originality, practicality, and potential impact. ‌‌

The full list of all 51 judges is available at: https://dorahacks.io/hackathon/infinite-space-bazaar/judges

‌Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon features four major tracks, with a total prize pool exceeding $100,000. Each track is tailored to focus on distinct technical and community development needs:

​​Build Whatever:

  • Build applications on existing testnets or a rollup you deployed in certain categories.
  • Includes General Applications, Gaming, NFTs, DeFi, ecosystem wishlist.


  • Infra to minimize onboarding and onchain ux to the number of interactions.
  • Web2 authentication, onboarding, identity, PWAs

Core: Includes Bridging, Rollups, Developer Toolings, Protocol, Infrastructure, ecosystem wishlist

Community: Storytelling, design and illustrations, DAOs‌

To better equip developers with the knowledge and skills necessary for the hackathon, Celestia has collaborated with mentors to conduct 28 workshops, covering technical topics such as Modular Blockchains and Celestia Node development, and non-tech topics such as market strategies and project positioning. ‌
‌For workshop replays, please visit: https://dorahacks.io/hackathon/infinite-space-bazaar/workshop

To join one of the four distinct Hacker Houses that match their development focus and personal interests, participants should first complete this form to get the entry link: https://celestia-intake.typeform.com/to/OTLyXz0M. ‌

Celestia provides members of these Houses with exclusive NFTs, ample developer resources, mentorship, and facilities for team formation. Additional details about the hackathon are available at: https://dorahacks.io/hackathon/infinite-space-bazaar/detail