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Hackathon DAO is a decentralized community to support global hackathons on meaningful technical problems and innovations.

To financially and operationally support and liberate global hackers and hackathon organizers (especially open-source repo maintainers) and focus on truly valuable technical problems and improvements, we

● Hold seasonal grants to fund meaningful hackathons.

● Maintain a hackathon openbook to share (almost) everything about hackathons.

● Organize an online community of top hackers and hackathon organizers to actively discuss the (most) valuable tech problems and innovations.

If you want learn more about us, please visit

- Official website

- Discord

- Twitter

— — -

Join us

Hackathon has undoubtedly proven its capability of boosting innovation and cooperation. Through funding Hackathons, we want to gather a group of enthusiastic hackers with great technical skills and vision and further boost the open-source community and innovations, where

- Hackers themselves can propose and decide what are actually the problems to solve.

- Hackers can connect with and inspire each other.

- Valuable contributors will be supported financially and operationally.

Please do join us if you share the same belief with us!!!

A community can’t be driven without a shared common vision.

Apply for Our Seasonal Hackathon Grant

First of all, Hackathon DAO’s grant is for Hackathon, and it’s open for everyone to apply.

Our grant will happen on a quarterly basis and each grant program will last for 3 months. An agenda will be published ahead of the beginning of each season and simplified steps would be: 1) application, 2) community voting, 3) hacking, 4) grant release and 5) reviewing.

With these goals in mind, hackathons meet the following criteria are more than welcome to apply :

● The organizer is a maintainer of an active Github repo.

● The hackathon must have a clear and specific problem to solve instead of aimlessly exploring.

● The hackathon must have a budget plan if the grant will be used for anything other than bonus.

● The hackathon must happen during the indicated “Hacking” time window according to the posted agenda at the beginning of each season.

● The organizer has passed Hackathon DAO KYC and is not on the blacklist of Hackathon DAO.

● The hackathon needs to be organized ONLY through HackerLink platform using its bounty or hackathon feature.

● Hackathon DAO is currently focused on Web3, Cryptography and Quantum Computing. But Hackathons in other fields are also welcomed to apply.

Our next grant will be happening soon, please follow our Twitter (@HackathonDAO) or join our Discord (@DoraHacks Global) to get the latest updates. A Hackathon proposal needs to be submitted as a BUIDL on HackerLink with all information properly filled in then.

Each season, Hackathon DAO will hold a grant for each focus area with an independent funding pool. After the application deadline, our voting token holders will decide which proposals to support using quadratic voting.

After submitting your proposal, please keep an eye on our Discord (@DoraHacks Global) and your email to check the final result. Our staff will follow up with you for more details if you get the grant.

More details, please visit our website

>> Join as a Hackathon Organizer

Hackathon organizers would be the core of our community. Except for those already with hackathon managing experiences, we explicitly want to call for open-source repo maintainers as we believe hackathon and Hackathon DAO would be a great way to boost your repo.

You will have the opportunity to:

● Getboth financially and operationally support for your hackathons through our seasonal grant program.

● Communicate with global active hackathon organizers and hackers.

● Discuss, design and develop tools for better hackathon experience.

● Share your experiences and knowledge about hackathons and become the co-author of our openbook if you want to.

Join our Discord Go to the #select-your-role channel, select hackathon organizer and our staff will follow up with you on more details.

>> Join as a Developer

All hackers are more than welcome to our community and we believe you will learn and benefit a lot from our discussions, hackathons and other activities.

You will have the opportunity to:

● Get probably the most updated schedule of global hackathons.

● Get both financially and operationally supported by participating in our granted hackathons.

● Communicate with global ative organizers.

● Propose and discuss the most valuable tech problem and innovations.

● Participate in our activities like project demo shows and tech meetups, talks, workshops on cutting-edge and exciting tech topics.

Join our Discord Go to the #select-your-role channel, select developer and our staff will follow up with you on more details.

>> Join as a Staff

This is one of the most important roles for us and you will have the opportunity to shape the vision and mechanism of our DAO at a very early stage.

You will have the opportunity to:

● Assist our grant process through hackathon proposal reviewing, hackathon result review, DAO product Q&A, etc.

● Organize activities like project demo shows and tech meetups, talks, workshops on cutting-edge and exciting tech topics.

● Manage and shape our community (on Discord).

● Participate in the formulation of our community rules and our DAO mechanism design.

● Maintain a discussion board for a specific hacking area.

Please send an application email starting with the title [DAO staff application — name — city — focus area] to with your resume if you are interested. Former experiences with Web3, cryptography and quantum computing is preferred.




A leading global hacker organization.

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A leading global hacker organization.

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