IOST Blockchain IndiaHack has Now Launched on DoraHacks HackHub|Come Showcase Your Blockchain Strength and Win from the 120,000 INR Prize Pool

Sign up on HackHub for IOST Blockchain IndiaHack, an IOST DApp development contest that's all about showing your Blockchain muscle.


BlockChain IndiaHack is an online Hackathon launched by IOST which aims to work with Indian developers on developing Dapps. As IOST would keep improving user experience of DApp games. IOST welcomes developers to develop DApp games based on IOST Mainnet.


Hackers will be competing for a 120,000 INR which made of 200 votes of 600 INR given by 20 judges. Meanwhile, we will be rewarding the outstanding 6 teams (1 Elite, 2 Silver, 3 Excellent), who make excellent DApps with a pool with 1,000,000 IOST sponsored BlueHill.

How to Enter?

Signup on DoraHacks HackHub and submit your project at

Registration & Entry Deadlines

15 May 2019:IOST Blockchain IndiaHack opens for sign-up

15 June 2019: IOST Blockchain IndiaHack sign-up & entry submission closes

30 June 2019: Final result announces

Founded in June, 2018, BlueHill has independently raised $50 million fund. It has more than 50 team members with offices in China, South Korea, the United States and Singapore. As a strong support for IOST, the fund raised by BlueHill is mainly for the purpose of assisting IOST partnership, DApp incubation in IOST ecosystem and blockchain technology innovation.

Established by the BlueHill Foundation in late 2018, $30M Pioneer Exclusive Fund for Dapps is focused on supporting superb DApp teams and incubating outstanding DApp programs, to empower the construction IOST DApp ecosystem.

Technical features of IOST

Different from previous blockchain platforms, IOST has more decentralized consensus, which costs less and have better performance.

1) Unique Consensus Mechanism

IOST’s consensus algorithm — PoB — includes a more decentralized committee election process than current DPoS systems while still maintaining the scalability benefits and censorship resistance.

2) Easy-to-develop smart contract

Coded in Javascript based on V8 virtual machine.

3) High Scalability

Ideally the mainnet’s performance can be 8000 TPS. NFT (Non-fungible token), initial offerings etc can all be developed in IOST ecosystem.

4) Low Resource Fees

There exists two kinds of resources on IOST: iGAS and iRAM. iGAS can be generated through staking tokens. iRAM can be purchased from the system with low price.

Quick Start


IOST development document:

Sample DApps on IOST

1. Endless Game

Play the Game:

IOST Smart Contract code:

2. Cell Evolution

Play the

IOST Smart Contract code:

Smart Contract:

Getting started on IOST smart contract:

Testing Nodes:

IOST Testnet Node IP:

port number: 30000 for p2p, 30001 for JSON RPC, 30002 for GRPC


IOST JS SDK with its documentation —



Command Line Tool:

IOST Command Line Tool iWallet

Chrome Wallet

IOST chrome extension download

Chrome extension code

Dapp hello world sample

Dapp hello world sample code


IOST Testnet blockchain explorer

IOST Testnet account request

IOST Mainnet explorer 1

IOST Mainnet explorer 2

Previous Hack

View all of the entries rating from HackIndia on DoraHacks HackHub at:

HackIndia Season 1 Review & Highlights

DoraHacks HackIndia Online is our first online hackathon event launched at DoraHacks HackHub — an online Hack platform we built for the hackers world wide where ideas, interests and skills could be matched and connected.

Having created legitimate solutions to the world’s most pressing and complex problems — the theme of HackIndia, we have seen about 30 amazing entries submitted from more than 120 hackers in the past month.

With 100,000 Rupees cash prize pool up for grabs, and our first 75 out of 200 votes given out, we are about to announce the finial winners from HackIndia Season 1! You can also view all of the entries rating on DoraHacks HackHub at:

First Place: Team BLENDIT B’lend it

Dapp for lending agricultural lands, helps farmers to find lands suitable for their crop. Landlords list their available land. Uses revenue site for checking the authentication of land and landlord. Landlord put up a price and preference for crop and duration. Once cancelled within a span of time refund it given. Farmers can check the previous cultivations and profit on the selected land. Time saving and easy land lending business.

Second Place: Team EspererBlinkALS

BlinkALS is the World’s first portable intelligent personal assistant for ALS patients that helps them communicate easily and effectively with their caretaker, reach out for help in case of emergency situations and save his thoughts to the personal notebook on Cloud. BlinkALS offers low-cost context-specific assistance for people suffering from ALS in low and middle-income countries. BlinkALS system comprises of a portable BlinkALS device plugged on to a spectacle frame and a BlinkALS mobile phone application (mobile is placed on a stand in front of the patient). BlinkALS mobile phone application allows the patient to communicate by displaying a sequential array of characters on the mobile-phone screen one-by-one along with the options to send the message, save the message to the personal notebook on Cloud or to ask for assistance. The BlinkALS device senses user input through the eye-blink gesture detection and sends it to the BlinkALS mobile phone application in real-time which in turn builds a string of characters. The mobile app then applies text-analysis algorithm on the character string to split it into words before speaking it out and sending it to the caretaker’s phone or before saving it to the patient’s personal notebook on Cloud.

Second Place: Team ReSeed Project Decentralized Stock market for farmers

Synopsis: we are providing a platform for the common Man to invest in Farmers, each Farmer can set particular shares on his products so that the consumer can buy it before the seed is sown hence this transaction takes place in a blockchain ensuring legitimate transactions. The IoT devices on the farm will give holistic real-time progress of the crop growth which will be recorded on a permission distributed ledger, we have also developed an ML model to detect diseases in plants. Hence our app ensures that the farmers will get money on time and the consumer will be able to track where his food is grown and also get discounts when he buys shares from the farmer.

Third Place: Team AbleAlly BloCERT

BloCERT is a webpage for issuing certificates for universities. Blocert uses Blockchian for adding and validation of certificates. Since Blockchain is used the certificates issued have time stamp . The time stamp and transactions made in the block are immutable. The issued certificates have unique hash values, using this hash value certificates can be accessed from any part of the world. Even if some one loses their certificate it can be obtained by entering the hash value.

Third Place: Team Blume Hopon

Hopon allows you to share your mobile data to strangers securely and get paid for the data you share in crypto. This app is useful in areas where there is low connectivity on certain carriers. This also allows a user with extra data to earn from excess data by sharing it with those in need creating a marketplace. A user can set his own price per MB of data shared. We use Hedera hashgraph DLT in the backend to process end to end micro-payments. The demo link contains the APK, kindly install it in 2 android phones, turn “Provide internet” in one device which has excess mobile data and “Get Internet” in the device which has no internet connection. The app should discover device nearby and allow you to connect. Your phone may not show wifi symbol but it will be connected and you can try any internet services.



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