Introducing Prize Winners from Filecoin Grant Hackathon!

Filecoin Grant Hackathon closed its voting period on July 18th. 45 teams from US, China, India, Europe and Africa submitted applications via, DoraHacks’ open source developer platform, and have received a total funding of 249,000 USD.

$115,000 of the prize pool was funded by Protocol Labs, the team behind Filecoin and IPFS, and Flecoin Funders’ DAO, a program that aims to support open source projects in the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem. The members include: Filecoin Foundation, Huobi Ventures, Textile, CoinSummer Labs, Binghe Lab, IPFSForce and FilSwan.

Among all the applications, 17 projects won votes from the judges. Projects received most votes from the judges are: Box,Opsci Data Wallet, Safient, Dweb Search, Time Rose,, Matrix Storage. Projects received most votes from the community are: PGO.Farm, Banksy Finance, Filscan, Box, Photos. Prize winners are invited to talk with Filecoin directly and the interview.

You can check all the applicants at

During the two-month hackathon, over 30 projects joined DoraHacks Livestream to present themselves. You can check all the records at DoraHacks Youtube Channel:

Now, please meet the prize winners!

First Prize

box, a serverless framework built on IPFS for front-end developer

“box” is a collection of integrations for creating a server software that runs js-ipfs in a Node.js environment to serve application data. We use libp2p to create the required protocols for front-end developers to interface with the back-end “box” node, which is running on ipfs. Developers can send commands such as fetch files, upload, or access database. This is achieved by importing a single library that exposes the “box” functionalities to them, @functionland/graph (inspired by Microsoft Graph workflow). These commands are then transferred to “box” node using libp2p. On the back-end the commands are interpreted by the “box” and are sent to js-ipfs or database library to get executed. Database library is using IPLD, specifically DAG-JSON/DAG-JOSE. Multiple “box”es are synchronized and accessible using ipfs-cluster.

Finally, as an availability guarantee for sensitive data, “box” provides the capability to synchronize data with Filecoin network, to give them a peace of mind over data safety. They have the option to backup their data to Filecoin network to preserve their important information from data loss.

Open Science (Opsci) Data Wallet

Data management with the Opsci Data Wallet flips the data economy on its head and gives data sovereignty back to the creators — research participants — and empowers researchers with tools for interoperability, sharing, and reproducible workflows. Currently, most of these datasets are siloed in centralised databases (e.g. universities and hospitals) all over the world. In some cases, data may be kept on personal hard drives. Unleashing this data to build a data commons for global scientists have been met with resistance by misaligned incentive structures. Scientists are not incentivised to share their data open-source with their peers, nor are participants incentivised to take part in the research. As a consequence, this valuable data is vulnerable to loss and corruption, and scientific collaboration is difficult and participants hard to recruit. Furthermore, participants do not retain ownership over their data, and revoking consent/permissioning is high friction and complex process.


Owning and securing the digital crypto-asset unlike other digital assets can be challenging due to the self-sovereign nature of the ownership. It means that the owner is the only safe keeper of the assets. For many users, this might be an intimidating role as they don’t want to completely responsible for preserving the assets against attacks and natural disasters. Every user always desires a trusted recovery method in case of tragedies. But there is no standardized way to easily and securely back up and recover the assets.

Safient promises to securely and conveniently store any critical information that is needed to access and recover the assets in case of any tragic events. Safient also provides a trustless yet safe way to transfer and inherit the assets by close ones whenever such an unfortunate scenario occurs.

Safient uses decentralized storage, smart contracts, and cryptography techniques to build a protocol that helps to store, recover, inherit crypto assets and other confidential information. In essence, you can think of Safient as your trusted guardian even though it is completely trustless.

Second Prize

Dweb Search

Dweb Search is an open-sourced decentralized Search Engine for IPFS and Filecoin. Users can also add metadata by themselves. We offer the search engine snpashots, so that everyone can rehost a new search engine. We are also designing advanced opendata exchange protocol and experimenting airdrops for creators and curators. is the first visual dashboard for Filecoin Plus project, which can be regarded as an incentive program for useful storage on Filecoin. Through monitoring on-chain messages on Filecoin and off-chain information on GitHub, records relevant real-time data of each DataCap allocation and verified deal transactions on Filecoin from public APIs and open-source platforms. On, there are visual data analysis charts, information of notaries and clients, and deal-flow of DataCap. It also supports multiple parameters search and a hyperlink to the Filecoin browser


Filscan browser is a Filecoin blockchain browser and data service platform. Aims to build a Filecoin data center, provide Filecoin full ecosystem services, data visualization and other one-stop big data services, build a data intelligence platform for business applications throughout the entire process of Filecoin network development. It provides one-stop data services for Filecoin miners, such as miner ranking, blockchain data query, and visualization charts.

Matrix Storage

MatrixStorage is a storage service platform based on distributed storage networks. We provide easy-to-use PaaS services, OpenAPI services and storage toolset suites, to ensure efficient and reliable use of distributed storage services. We build intermediate technology bridge between data storage demanders and distributed storage network.

Time Rose

TimeRose is building the indexing layer of dataverse. Essentially, TimeRose is a control plane of retrieval market and is inherently integrated with marketplaces . Therefore, TimeRose builds a bridge between content provider and content consumers of dataverse by indexing the on-chain data and the off-chain data (NFT storage, IPFS pinners, Filecoin miners, web2 data providers, etc.).

Photos: Google Photos open-source alternative with React Native

We could use free storage and a good application interface to access our photos at the expense of our privacy, and Google could improve its Artificial Intelligence algorithms with the feed from our photos at the expense of a free storage offer. However, it all changed in June, when Google stopped its free service. Now it has become a loss for us, loss of privacy, loss of money and most importantly, loss of confidence in what else Google might change in future.

So we decided to develop the same UX and smoothness of Google Photos using React Native. However, instead of connecting it to a centralized cloud service to backup and store your photos, you are able to connect it to filecoin network! You can utilize the full power of decentralized web instead of paying Google for storing your photos and still get the same user experience you used to get from Google or Apple Photos. It can also connect to “box”, which is another project you can check out.


NFT.Storage. Another client version of community project, with multiple NFTs and a wide range of types of a file as NFT support.

SlackBot by Twin Quasar

An AI powered Slack bot that will notify miner owners based on prediction and chain events.

Product :

UX as simple as possible

- 2 clicks singup

- 100% Secure

- No private information

- No client to deploy

- Receive it anywhere on any clients via Zapier or IFTTT

- It’s Free !

Available on the Filecoin Official slack very soon

Third Prize


With EASYNFT, NFT developers can easily access the IPFS’s distributed network. NFT storage users will have fresh and better user experience: store data permanently in an easy and secure way through simple code interactions.

Banksy Finance

Banksy Finance is a decentralized AI-driven NFT Pool-based lending hub, dedicated to addressing the issues of the NFT market, providing a complete solution for NFT mortgage lending that is different from the P2P lending model. It supports mortgage NFT for loans directly on the platform, without requiring both lenders and borrowers to an agreement. It is the first NFT pool-based lending platform in the market.

All of Banksy’s NFT storage is on IPFS, and the important data of the AI module is also considered to be placed on IPFS for a deep integration with Filecoin.


DeFIL-A Decentralized Finance Platform combining NFT and Standard Computing Power particularly invented to serve Filecoin.

Five Token

FiveToken, to provide professional transaction service for Filecoin storage providers and to bridge Filecoin ecosystem to Web 3 metaverse with reliable ID management.

- For Filecoin ecosystem participants: we offer a professional encrypted multi-sig wallet with services including: asset management tool for miner node creation, owner alteration and FIL transaction and cluster status monitoring tool. The user can also protect his private key and mnemonic words via offline signature and offline wallet.

- For Web 3 enthusiast: a mobile wallet that can be regarded as a Web 3 Dapp browser and bridging as well as ID verification and information storage.


IPFSpace, A decentralized storage service platform;
A storage platform based on IPFS;
Use MetaMask, Recovery phrase and Email for security;
By making data storage easier, reliable, safe and highly scalable.


Touchain is an aggregator, one-stop creation and trading community for #NFT that aims to connect virtual and real worlds for WEB3.0 lifestyle.

Most Popular Projects in Community Voting


PGO is a light gamified Defi app, which integrates the gameplay of collection and exchange, upgrade and evolution, attributes and skills, field encounter and PVP. In the future, we will combine the meta-universe to make players the creators and holders of virtual worlds, and NFT+ meta-universe to create their own kingdoms.

The semi-public private chain is used for security audit, and the distributed storage of IPFS +NFT is used to realize that the card set can not be copied and tampered, so as to ensure the permanent storage of the content.

Message from Filecoin(Protocol Labs)

Thanks all developers for joining this wonderful hackathon! Besides, Filecoin launched different kinks of dev grants and accelerators for developers as well, welcome to join:

Filecoin Dev Grants:

Filecoin Accelerators:

LongHashX Accelerator(open applying):
Filecoin Base Camp(open applying):
Filecoin Techstars Accelerator(will open applying on 13 Sep.):

About Filecoin

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network designed to store humanity’s most important information. It turns cloud storage into an algorithmic marketplace through a network protocol. Filecoin’s proof-of-storage mechanism is the new foundation for a distributed storage network with built-in incentives that will drive the market for data storage and retrieval across the I nternet.

Filecoin Website:
Filecoin Twitter: @Filecoin

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world’s most active developer communities. HackerLink ( is DoraHacks’ open source developer platform and open source curation market. HackerLink provides unique on-chain tools to incentivize open source developments around the world. The platform is offering features including hacker profile, BUIDL, quadratic funding grants, bonding curve, bounties, hackathons to more than 100,000 users around the world.

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