Introducing Judge’s Prize Winners from Polygon-Grants Hackathon!

9 min readDec 19, 2021


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Time to reveal the 23 projects for Judge’s Prizes!

Flash back to a few weeks ago, Polygon jury team seized out 38 BUIDL projects from a total of 137 submissions for shortlisting “Jury’s Votes”. These projects were honored with community recognition for being superior in contributing to the Polygon eco-diversity and innovation.

Following up the jury rewards this week, 23 projects are shortlisted with additional cash rewards. Incentive weight is distributed accordingly with the categorization of 4 rewards: Best DeFi Projects ($20,000), Best NFT Projects ($20,000), Best Gaming Project ($5,000), and “Pool” ($5,000). Prizes will also be allocated differently in respective categories, depending on the projects’ performance, technology use, and more.

A complete winners list is available here:

Some of the winners have demonstrated their projects via DoraHacks Youtube Live channel, check them out at

Now, let’s meet the winners!

Best 6 DeFi Projects Reveal:

Symphony Finance

At symphony finance, we’ve implemented interest-generating limit orders. The deposited sell (input) asset, generates interest till the time order remains unfilled. With this protocol, we are trying to solve the problem of profit maximization. It’s composable with the most interest-generating protocols like Aave, Mstable, Compound, etc. Orders are automatically filled with DEXes like Quickswap, Balancer, Sushiswap, etc. One can also fill the order with his own liquidity.

My Trade

MyTrade has developed a unique algorithm that precisely integrates liquidity from both order book and AMM pool. This ‘Integrated Liquidity’ will always provide Takers with the best execution price by automatically matching orders from either the order book or the AMM pool. MyTrade V2 also introduces a unique Limit Order Mining feature which will significantly increase professional Market Maker’s capital efficiency. On top of all of this, MyTrade seeks to bring the professional trading user experience of a centralized exchange to DEX users.


Batchy makes it 70% cheaper to bridge your cryptos between Ethereum and Polygon using batch transactions. Simply deposit your crypto and Batchy takes care of the rest by bundling and bridging your assets with other users. When it’s done you receive your crypto on the other side. We use industry trusted tools to achieve this including the native Polygon bridge and Open Zeppelin relayers.

DeFi Basket

DeFi Basket is about buying a DeFi Portfolio in a single transaction. Anyone can create and share portfolios of tokens and DeFi assets.

The main feature of DeFi Basket is to wrap all necessary transactions to build a DeFi portfolio into one. Suppose that you want to build a portfolio with USDC, USDT and DAI and deposit those tokens into Aave. Today, you would have to swap MATIC into each of those tokens and then deposit them on Aave. That would take 6 transactions in total (3 swaps + 3 deposits) for a relatively simple portfolio. With IndexPool you can do it in only 1 transaction.

Svet Index

SvetIndex offers traders and investors:

1) decentralized expert community rating to make balanced index portfolios

2) ERC index portfolio token, containing several tokens

3) protocol to *swap-based (like QuickSwap) exchanges for two-click buy and sell of actives

SVET Index saves investor’s time and money on analytics research; reduces assets allocation risks by various index diversifications strategies and fraud signaling, as well as lowers entry barrier into Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by providing one-click solution for formation and rebalancing of digital assets portfolios

Barbershop Finance

Barbershop Finance is a DeFi yield farm that utilizes Polygon’s high speed, low gas infrastructure. With a focus on ease of use, clean design, and relatable concepts, growing hair on the blockchain is a fun new way to introduce new and old users to automated market makers in a new light.

Best 6 NFT Projects Reveal:

Ethlas seeks to bridge the mass market into the crypto universe by a set of fun gameplays, and awarding physical rewards.

The Ethlas gamified rewards platform combines yield farming, casual games & NFTs. We aim to be the leading stake-to-play, play-to-earn platform globally that will redefine the cross section of gaming and crypto rewards.


Polytrees are generative voxel trees that grow eternally on the Polygon network, reflecting data feeds. Owners capture the momentum during each nourish iteration.

“We believe pure digital art should be driven by code. Behind each algorithm, there’s a Creator. But in order to run the code, an actor is needed. We believe art is a dialogue and algorithmic art should elevate the participant from spectator to actor. And art that is stored on-chain allows us to build eternal and evolving experiences. NFT > JPEG.”


KEY’s goal is to be a virtual world social pass TOKEN and network value TOKEN, and through more and more people to participate in maximizing its value, its protocol is automated through smart contracts,through LINKKEYcontribution calculation formula, reward contributor KEY tokens, through DAO based on governance recommendations and token holders of distributed network voting consensus.

Avatar Metaverse

Next is the time of the Metaverse!

No matter where they are in Metaverse or wherever they are, the characters are there and have a strong personalization!

Our goal is to provide everyone with a custom avatar metaverse!You can design your personalized avatar on the platform! And produce Avatar NFT based on the Polygon chain!

This is an avatar that only belongs to you with your characteristics and can represent you!

Themis Protocol

Themis Protocol is a Layer2 native crypto trading platform that provides collateralized lending of NFTs through historical NFT transaction data. themis itself is a set of DeFi protocols developed based on smart contracts. It allows users to play different roles in the governance chain according to their risk appetite and earn corresponding yields,


ArtisLife Network is a cross-chain NFT Distribution Network that is powered by the ARTIS token. The network distributes newly minted NFTs through various DeFi methods.

At launch, there will be three main distribution methods: NFT Farming, NFT Airdrops, and NFT Lottery. All distribution methods on the network will utilize the ARTIS token in some form.

Best Gaming Project Reveal:


Fabwelt provides a technology to use NFTs as utilities on gaming and apps. Imagine a game world that its players can modify and change as they see fit for their game strategy. Fabwelt in-game NFT technology will provide just that and uses existing NFT technology the Polygon Network. The in-game NFT technology gives a player that owns a unique, rare NFT an incentive for all kinds of game rules and settings during the game. With the upcoming first game release Arsenal, which uses the in-game NFT technology, Fabwelt will prove that blockchain and NFT technology can be used in real-world usage.

Pool Rewards:

PolygonDEX aims to provide the users of the Polygon network a clear view of top gaining tokens, trending tokens, top DEXs, and detailed information on all swappable companies. We also aim to provide multiple tools for a user to track their wallet holdings and farms.

Cyber Court

CyberCourt is a decentralized, process transparent dispute handling system that empowers and restricts the rights of all parties in the form of code.

The basic idea behind the establishment of the CyberCourt system is to solidify all processes through code, form clear and transparent processing rules, and grant and restrict the rights of all roles. And through the market selection mechanism of the contract participants to the judging team, after a period of time, it is positively motivating the judging team and promoting the judging team to provide more transparent, excellent, professional, and fair referees.


Per day influx of various tokens from different chain pairs.

Per day withdrawal of various tokens from different chain pairs

Per day difference(influx/withdrawal) in the volume of tokens for different chain pairs.

Super Plushies

Super Plushies is one of a kind NFT-AR experience where you can not only buy and sell unique plushies but also interact and play with them in AR using a companion mobile app.

- Our project utilizes NFTs and Chainlink VRF to produce a one-of-a-kind gaming/NFT experience for the users.

- Not only can you buy and sell plushies, you can interact with them in the real world in Augmented reality.

- Our project has a website where you can buy a new plushie and then scan dynamically generated QR code to then interact with your plushie in Augmented Reality.

- Each plushie has a randomly generated DNA using Chainlink VRF which specifies its various characteristics and shall be more visually apparent in future for this project.

- Companion app has been made in Unity and utilizes AR Foundation to show and interact with the plushie in the real world.

ArtSy DeFi

Currently there is no reliable NFT marketplace on Polygon. ARTSY DeFi plans to open a robust, modern marketplace that gives back dividends to the community, and to open a yield farm with weekly competitions for Artists to earn USDC, all connected through the utility of the native ART token.

CCNP — Creative Commons NFT Playground
A new playground for anyone to create, discover, share, reward and distribute articles. All articles here are under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. We help turn articles into NFTs. People can buy their loved NFTs for donation purpose.

Also, we are building a Creator-DAO to assist creators, which we think is the best solution for people to exchange ideas&information more simply and fairly. We aim to help create next-generation content communities with pure open-source, open-data, open-protocols and web3 technology.


OpenBiSea NFT marketplace is a smart contract, and iOS, Android and web UI app. It’s a simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy, sell and make auctions (smart contract based) for NFT. The main core smart contracts are built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), polygon(exMATIC) and have an Ethereum bridge for NFT assets.


PolyHeist is bringing long-term gamified investments to the Polygon Network. Our first game released is conveniently named Heist which uses the native currency of the Polygon Network — $Matic.

In Heist the main goal is to be the last person to deposit into the pot. Each time a user deposits, a timer of 20 hours begins to countdown until another deposit is made to reset it. However, if that timer gets to zero, the last user to make the deposit wins the grand prize. Until then, every user in the pot shares a percentage of each deposit made between them. This encourages users to build up a decent-sized balance in the pot to gain better rewards in the long term.


Overnight’s purpose is to simplify and facilitate stablecoin cash management. One buys and holds OVN in order to receive interest on its temporarily available [stablecoin] cash (also known as ‘parking’).


NFThub is a robust suite of features, tools, and content; all of which are centered in facilitating the adoption, discovery and education for all things NFT. Incepted in mid-2020, NFThub is an attempt to solve a number of commonly agreed upon pain-points. Adding a community curated project registry, with permissionless listing, a community calendar that anyone can submit events to (and sync to their own calendar), and customizable social media feeds, the platform offers a single, unified place to discover, discuss, and attend NFTs and NFT events. Additional features include gamified educational content, NFT farming, lossless “lotteries” and more.

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