Introducing CIF (Community Incentive Fund), with Aptos Grant DAO Round5 Quadratic Funding Kick Off

3 min readMar 31, 2024


“Funding public goods is fun; Incentivize contributors with memes.” — The Real Use of Meme

With the kickstart of Aptos Grant DAO Round5’s quadratic funding round on April 1st, DoraHacks is excited to initiate Community Incentive Fund (CIF), a non-discriminatory voter incentive program to encourage contributions to Aptos’ (and later more ecosystems’) public goods/early-stage projects, to provide 60 million GUI token and 3 popular Aptos NFTs as voter incentives for this round.

The CIF aims to redefine the essence of public goods funding by adhering to the philosophy that “fun public goods funding is true public goods funding.”, providing MEME tokens/NFTs as contributor incentives. This approach seeks to infuse a fresh and dynamic spirit into supporting public goods and early-stage projects within the Aptos ecosystem and potentially beyond in future rounds.

In an exciting opportunity for participants, voters in this round will share amongst the rewards of 60 million GUI tokens. Additionally, as an added incentive, three voter addresses will be chosen at random using a device-independent quantum random number generator, DI-QRNG, to each win an NFT — specifically, Bruh Bear#4986, AptosMonkeys#357, Aptos Creature#681 For any questions on CIP and Aptos Grant DAO Round 5, please join this support chat.

This initiative is sponsored by Gui Inu in Aptos Grant DAO Round 5&6. Gui Inu is a popular meme token within the Aptos community, who has committed to sponsoring both the current and subsequent rounds of the Aptos Grant DAO CIF. Dora Factory, a stalwart in decentralized governance and public goods pledge infrastructure, has provided the cutting-edge DI-QRNG technology for this purpose. Moreover, CIF welcomes further collaboration from top-notch teams who wish to contribute incentives for voter engagement.

The Aptos Grant DAO’s quadratic funding round is open from April 1st until April 22nd. During this period, voters are encouraged to visit this page to show their support for their preferred projects, thereby actively shaping the future of the Aptos ecosystem. In this round, 7 applicants will enter the quadratic funding round:

Infra Track

Scaffold-APT & Scaffold-APT-Examples offers an Aptos dApp template with supporting examples to streamline development, with a focus on integrating AI features.

Social Track

TowneSquare CRED develops an on-chain social graph for Aptos, enabling data-powered applications for social engagement within the blockchain space.

Defi Track

Echelon introduces a borrow/lend market on Aptos with plans for cross-chain lending, prioritizing capital efficiency and high LTV loans on specific assets.

AptosLink provides a light wallet solution and a novel cash-gift system for user-friendly airdrop and gift transfers via web links.

DigiTrust combines decentralized asset management with a social network to facilitate secure and transparent investment-related interactions.

NFT/gaming Track

Aptos Victors creates a mobile runner game that embeds blockchain concepts into its gameplay, aiming for an accessible introduction to Web3.

Community/DAO Track

Move Language YouTube Tutorials focuses on creating a comprehensive series of Move language educational content, from beginner to advanced levels, to support developers’ learning and application development.