Introducing BNB Grant DAO Round 2 Grantees and 2nd Community Voting Round

4 min readJan 12, 2023

Starting from Jan 12th, the 2nd community voting round of BNB Grant DAO is now live for grantees to compete for the $10,000 community quadratic funding pool and direct contribution. Here, we are happy to introduce the grantees selected from the 351 BNB Grant DAO applicants.

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*Only first/second rank grantees will enter the 2nd community voting round.

First Rank


Track: Public Goods

Cookbook is the hub for smart contracts. It is one platform where you can find, deploy, and collaborate on any contract on EVM. You can view audits, documentation, and usage, as well as deploy and manage the contracts from the user interface.


Track: Public Goods

A powerful and friendly account abstraction wallet to help you onboard next millions of users

Second Rank

Hidden Beyond

Track: Metaverse/gaming/music/nft

Hidden Beyond is an open-world action-adventure game. Enter into the world of evolving and expanding environments.


Track: Metaverse/gaming/music/nft

Chimeras Metaverse is a Tier-1 free-to-play & play-to-earn game with integrated DeFi farming and NFTs

METASENS Web3 Game platform

Track: Metaverse/gaming/music/nft

METASENS aims to build a Web3 gaming ecosystem. Within one year, METASENS has launched a gaming platform, an NFT marketplace, and two blockchain games.

Track: ZK, the ultimate solution for your digital identities on the Blockchain.


Track: Crypto Twitter/Socials

ComingChat aims to be the wholly decentralized combination and upgrade of WhatsApp, Twitter and Steam.


Track: Crypto Twitter/Socials

Decentralized social media for NFT communities to launch, grow and monetise.


Track: DAO & Communities

Lewk is building a globally user owned recruiting marketplace leveraging web3 incentives and a custodial resume wallet and career social fi, MVP live at

Let’s Meme

Track: DAO & Communities

Let’s MeMe is the world’s first Traffic-Fi infrastructure that provides marketing solutions for projects and brands. Let’s meme’s mission is to standardize the financial value of traffic, bringing great liquidity and allowing traffic to be circulated and used in the greatest and most efficient way.


Track: DAO & Communities

Lockbox is a smart contract based self-custody solution for permissioned and scalable crypto treasury management.


Track: DeFi

OmniBTC is the first omnichain financial platform based on cross-chain interoperability protocols. It has three core functions, OmniSwap, OmniBridge and OmniLending.


Track: DeFi

Cross-chain decentralized lending protocol that allows for crypto borrowing without crypto collateral for real-world lending businesses.


Track: Frontier tech

FinQ Tech is one of the largest quantum technology-focused communities in the US with a global footprint.

Rising Star Grantees


Track: Crypto Twitter/Socials

Inflation Universe created a unique attention-economic platform on Layer0 for Web3.0 natives to share credible reviews with Soulbound on chain win digital distribution.

Aki Protocol

Track: Crypto Twitter/Socials

Organize information in the web3 world and make it universally accessible and useful.


Track: DAO & Communities

Metopia serves as the infrastructure that creates a user-end reputation system and the use case provider that enables governance & credential use cases based on user reputation.


Track: Defi

The premier destination to trade synthetic perpetuals and earn real yield


Track: Metaverse/gaming/music/nft

W3POKER is a social gaming platform and win-to-earn NFT game for Texas Hold’em lovers presented by Web3Games Studios.


Track: Metaverse/gaming/music/nft

PredictionClub Community is a prediction marketplace based on decentralized blockchain technology, where people can trade contracts that pay based on the outcomes of unknown future events.

Alpha Quark

Track: Metaverse/gaming/music/nft The NFT marketplace and NFT collateral lending service & Metaverse platform


Track: Public GoodsInferer is a user identity analysis service on blockchain. We try to build a label-rich user portrait system, which is based on on-chain and off-chain data analysis and data mining, infer user identity through algorithms models and offers the final user identity evaluation service.

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