HECO Grant Application Guidance

What is HECO Grant?

HECO Grant Global Online Hackathon is open for developers from all over the world starting March 16, 2021! The hackathon is co-organized by HECO, a decentralized and open ecology, and DoraHacks, a global developer community and hackathon organizer.

The program encourages and supports early-stage developer projects building next-generation decentralized protocols and applications on HECO. All the participants can submit their projects on DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform HackerLink.io for a chance to win the $72K grand prize pool!


Submission Period: March 16, 2021 — May 15, 2021 (12:00 GMT+0)

Voting Period: March 16, 2021 — May 15, 2021 (12:00 GMT+0)

Who Can Apply?

HECO Grant Global Online Hackathon accepts the following types of early-stage and senior projects, including but not limited to:

  • HECO ecosystem applications: NFT protocols and platform-level applications, DAO and on-chain governance tools, next-gen Defi protocols, etc.
  • Toolkits on HECO: improved programming languages, wallets, scans, SDKs, etc.
  • Infrastructures on HECO, research on consensus, Layer-2 infrastructure, privacy, API services, etc.

How to apply?

Notice! After submission, please add DoraHacks Helper on Discord or Telegram to get more promotional support.

  1. Open https://hackerlink.io/en/, if you’re new to Hackerlink, please sign in first https://hackerlink.io/en/Login

*Notice: please fill in your information with your mostly used contacts (Whatsapp, Telegram and discord id are suggested).

2. Click “Grant” on the top-bar, then click “HECO Grant” on the page. Make sure you’re seeing the HECO Grant Round 1 page. Or you can try clicking https://hackerlink.io/en/Grant?type=HECO

3. Click on “Apply for Grant”, choose “HECO Grant Round 1”, connect your wallet (MetaMask or WalletConnect) to HackerLink. The blockchain account network requires the HECO Mainnet.

*See below to know how to connect your MetaMask with HECO.

Then fill in the project name, team info, GitHub link, Twitter etc. Please complete the information as much as possible. Verify your Twitter links and GitHub Repo so that HECO Official and DoraHacks can help promote your projects and community contributors can make sure they are donating to the real and correct project.

4. Confirm submission to complete the application. You will be able to see your submitted project on the Grant page, which means you have completed your application.

5. If your projects have updates, you can edit it by clicking on your profile photo and selecting “My Uploaded Projects” in “Personal Center”.

Notice! After submission, please add DoraHacks Helper on Discord or Telegram to get more promotional support.

How to Gain More Votes?

a. Join the live demo

The staff will arrange the schedule with you via the contacts you give for the live demo and official promotion supported by HECO and DoraHack. Before every demo, HECO and DoraHacks will notice among global developer communities.

Therefore, please give your Whatsapp, Telegram, discord id or other ways to let the staff reach you. Or, join us on Discord and let the admin know who you are.

DoraHacks Global Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cWH9M2Vu

b. Join the hackathon earlier

Apart from the three rounds of live demonstrations that will be arranged every 20 days, the publicity of projects on HackerLink will be persistent during the whole online hackathon, which means the earlier the projects are submitted, the more people can see and vote for them.

And no worries if you want to update your project after submission, updates are allowed and every updated project will be listed on the top of the wall.

c. Inspire your communities

Share your projects to the communities to gain more support, either it be votes or technical advice.


  • Please upload projects that developed on HECO.
  • Verified Twitter links and GitHub repos are recommended. Community contributors can confirm the identity of you and your project.
  • Complete and detailed project information is recommended, allowing the staff to reach you for global live demonstration.
  • Please share your grant project on social media platforms like Twitter, FB and WeChat friend circle to let people know and contribute to your project. In this way, you can gain more grant.
  • Please submit a real and valid project that is developed by you or your team. Please do not submit other’s projects or copy-paste projects. Once the plagiarized project is reported, it will be disqualified in all subsequent grant applications and the community will be notified.
  • To transfer HT to Metamask, please use the HECO network.

How to Connect Your MetaMask with HECO?

Open MetaMask → Settings → Networks, choose “Custom RPC”.

Fill in the config as below:

Network name: HT- Mainnet

RPC URL: https://http-mainnet.hecochain.com

Chain ID: 128

Symbol: HT

Block Explorer: https://scan.hecochain.com

To learn more details, please refer to this page: https://polynetwork.gitbook.io/docs/creating-heco-wallet-in-metamask

How do I get verified?

a. Open your submitted project in “personal centre”, click on “project detail”.

b. Verify your Twitter link by publishing a verification message, and verify your GitHub account with a single click. (If you are one of the contributors of your submitted repo’s master branch, you will be verified.)

Please verify twitter link and GitHub repo you submitted so that contributors can verify your identity and your project is real.

How do community contributors vote?

The first vote of each voter for every project in this round costs 0.1 HT. According to Quadratic voting, the Nth vote requires 0.1*N HTs.

How can I check the prize allocation and project ranking?

Click on “view details” to check the current prize allocation leaderboard. Please note that the allocation of the matching pool constantly changing based on community votes until this grant round is closed.

Useful Links

HackerLink: https://hackerlink.io/en

HECO Official Website: https://www.hecochain.com/en-us/

HECO Developer Documentation: https://docs.hecochain.com/#/en-us/intro

DoraHacks Global Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cYgbvfu2

DoraHacks Helper Telegram: https://t.me/DORAHACKS_1

About Dorahacks

DoraHacks is a decentralized global developer community, hackathon organizer, and venture builder. DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform HackerLink.io provides tools to incentivize and foster open-source blockchain development, such as grants, bounties, BUIDLs, and hackathons.

For more information on Dorahacks, please visit our website.

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A leading global hacker organization. https://dorahacks.io/

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A leading global hacker organization. https://dorahacks.io/

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