Hackerlink’s BUIDL NFT Minting Guide

*Major Update: we have released the feature of Loot Box, a smart contract which enables programmable behavior. Read the following article to learn more!

Table of Contents

  • What’s a BUIDL NFT and Loot Box?
  • How to mint a BUIDL NFT?
  • How to develop a Loot Box?

What’s a BUIDL NFT and a Loot Box?

DoraHacks’ open-source developer funding platform HackerLink has launched the function of releasing open-source projects’ NFTs. Each project submitted by the developers on Hackerlink can issue an open-source project’s NFT on the Ethereum network with just one click and is able to receive funding continuously via the following transactions of its BUIDL NFT.

Any BUIDL NFT can be traded continuously on Hackerlink. Whoever offers a higher price than its current price can purchase the BUIDL NFT at any time. For every transaction of the NFT, the minter (the project owner) will receive a corresponding return.

Traders, as supporters of the BUIDL and BUIDL NFT, can also yield from trading the spread. BUIDL NFT minters can customize benefits for the traders with codes using “Loot Box”. A loot box is a smart contract that contains any programmable behavior after a successful BUIDL NFT transaction.

A Loot Box can be designed from the perspective of transaction time, transaction price, holding time, etc., you name it. The programmable benefits are a hacker’s way to reward their supporters.

The minter will receive a 20% of the premium (the price difference) and ⅓ of the sales tax paid by the buyer (equivalent to 2% of the total selling price) from every transaction of the BUIDL NFT.

To know more details about how to buy/earn from BUIDL NFTs, please visit:

How to Mint a BUIDL NFT?

Step 1 :Prepare a certain amount of $DORA beforehand according to the initial price that you would like to set for your BUIDL NFT. If you set your NFT’s initial selling price at 10 $DORA, then you will need to pay 0.1 $DORA as a mint tax to the platform.

If you are a first timer, you may contact us via telegram to receive a one-time subsidy ~ 0.1–0.5$DORA to help pay the mint tax of your BUIDL’s NFT.

Step 2 :Sign up at, submit your project to us via “submit my BUIDL” and kindly wait for your BUIDL to be reviewed. Once your BUIDL has passed our review, you may continue to the next step.

Note: For developers who have previously participated in our Grants and submitted your BUIDL, You may ignore Step 2 and go directly to your own BUIDL’s page to proceed for Step 3.

Step 3: Select the BUIDL which you would like to mint an NFT.

Step 4: Go to the details page to mint an NFT for your project.

Step 5: Kindly read the popup notification before proceeding.

Step 6: Connect your wallet.

Step 7: Set the Price of your BUIDL’s NFT and then approve your wallet.

Step 8: Confirm the transaction to complete the minting process.

Step 9: Once your BUIDL’s NFT is minted, any bidder who offers a higher price can purchase your BUIDL’s NFT at any time. You can go to the details page of your BUIDL to review the transaction record.

For further assistance and questions, kindly contact us via Telegram ID: hackerlinkofficial

How to Develope a Loot Box?

Loot Box Development Guide:

Loot Box Demo:

Examples for your Loot Boxes:

  1. Airdrop the same amount to those who participate in the BUIDL NFT trading.
  2. Or airdrop different amounts to those who participate in the BUIDL NFT trading depending on the transaction price.
  3. 1000 U of seed investment for those who hold BUIDL NFT at a specified schedule, e.g. December 24, 2021.
  4. Whitelisting of all traders with bids over 100 DORA.
  5. NFT artwork giveaway for all traders.
  6. NFT artwork giveaway for those who hold BUIDL NFT at a specified schedule, e.g. December 24, 2021 at 12: 00 am.
  7. Incentivize those who have held BUIDL NFT for longer than 30 days.

…… Or ANY programmable behavior!

For further assistance and questions, kindly contact us via Telegram ID: hackerlinkofficial

*This function of releasing open-source projects’ NFTs was first proposed by Eric Zhang, the founder of the decentralized global hacker organization DoraHacks in his article entitled “Hackers and Painters, Open Source Projects, NFT and Simplified Harberger Tax” published on the Ethereum Researcher Community and the DoraFactory’s blog.

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