HackerLink Grant Application Guide

4 min readOct 15, 2021


Step 1: Find the Grant That You’re Interested In

On the page of Grant (https://hackerlink.io/en/grant?status=all), you should be able to find all the ongoing (as well as closed/coming-soon) Grants. Click on “Grant Details” to find more details about the event and the projects that have been submitted.

Step 2: Apply Grant

If your project is qualified for the Grant, you can proceed to your application by clicking on “Apply Grant” on the page of “Grant Details”.

When filling out your application, please choose the Grant you’re applying for under “Grant Round”, and connect your wallet. When connecting wallet please note:

  • Make sure your wallet has the Network required by the Grant you’re applying for;
  • Applying Grant requires interaction with blockchain, so please make sure there’s at least enough balance to pay gas fee.

If you’ve already established your BUIDL on HackerLink before, please choose:

If you are new to HackerLink, or you want to create a new BUIDL to apply for Grant, please choose “Create a new BUIDL to apply for grant”.

Please fill out the information about your BUIDL and note:

  • “Project Source” must be filled out, please choose the one that fits your project;
  • If you need to add your team member(s), please make sure that they have signed up on HackerLink. Currently you can only sign up via email to add team member(s). (This is optional, so you can skip if you want)

Note: When entering URL please enter only one valid address, and do not include extra description, otherwise the system may fail to recognize the URL leading to unsuccessful application.

Once you’ve filled out everything, click on “Submit”. Please do not skip gas fee, otherwise your project cannot be submitted successfully.

To prevent fake projects from accessing the prize pool, please contact naodongmao (WeChat) or @hackerlinkofficial (telegram)to verify your project.

During the hackathon we will conduct multiple rounds of project demos. The earlier the project is submitted, the more attention it receives. This will surely increase your exposure and attract more votes as well as funding opportunities.

At the end of the Grant Round, there will be a Grace Period of 3–5 days before announcing the results to prevent a Sybil-attack. During the Grace Period, each project will be required to contact HackerLink to confirm their authenticity. After the Grace Period, eligible projects will be able to claim their corresponding prizes and community donations.

Step 3: BUIDL Maintenance

Filled out the wrong information? BUIDL needs to be updated? New project demo available now? Through HackerLink, you can easily update the information about your BUIDL so that your content and progress can be seen.

What is Quadratic Funding? How does it work?

Quadratic Voting is a voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes. The simplified formula on how quadratic voting functions is

cost to the voter = (number of votes)².

Individual community contributors can vote for their preferred projects to push them ahead in the funding round. The votes cost MATICs, which are directly donated to the respective projects after the round.

With a quadratic funding algorithm, the cost of each vote to a single project from a single contributor will increase, this encourages community contributors to donate to more projects.

Quadratic Funding was later introduced to the blockchain community by the Gitcoin team by Gitcoin quadratic funding grants. Community members can donate cryptos to new projects to appreciate their effort in building public goods for a specific community. In previous Gitcoin Grants, community members donate ETH to the Ethereum ecosystem projects as community Grants to help them continuously get funded.

To know more about quadratic voting, you can check the Quadratic Funding algorithm by Vitalik Buterin.