Hackerlink Filecoin Funders DAO: 8 Funders bringing $115K to support Filecoin ecosystem

8 Funders have joined Hackerlink Filecoin Funders DAO, a program that aims to support open source projects in the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem, and have funded $115,000 to the prize pool, including the initial prize pool of $50,000 funded by Protocol Labs.

On June 22, 7 funders including Filecoin Foundation, Huobi Ventures, Textile, CoinSummer Labs, Binghe Lab, IPFSForce and FilSwan joined the program and donated a total funding of $65,000, together with an initial prize pool of $50,000 offered by Protocol Labs, which goes directly into the prize pool of the ongoing Filecoin Grant Round-1 Hackathon on Hackerlink.io. Community and judges will jointly decide the distribution of these prizes.

Members of Hackerlink Filecoin Funders DAO will continuously support open source projects via Hackerlink Filecoin Grant Hackathon series. They will also join the early fundraising of quality projects in the Filecoin ecosystem.

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