What kind of person in this world is a hacker?

-At first, People felt that the hacker group was mysterious.But it doesn’t seem to be complicated.

Paul Graham, the godfather of Silicon Valley, said in Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age that “the hacker is just an ordinary people with a special craft, talent and ability to solve problems.

Everyone can be a Hacker.They may be people who practice life with hacks, or people who use hacks to achieve life.

This was the third issue of the DoraHacker’s return visit. DoraHacks wanted to find interesting commonalities or differences from different hackers’ perspectives. So don’t be surprised after reading the issue! OMG! I was also a hacker?

Wu’s Team in DoraHacks
Wu’s product in Forbidden City

Recently, the Update · Forbidden City (Chinese: 上新了·故宫) had brought the cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City into the public eye.

DoraHacks loved it after watching the first episode. Among them, there was a Chinese draughts called Ten Princess Games in Forbidden City (Chinese: 十公主童顽故宫), which condenses the grand map of the Forbidden Palace into a beautiful chessboard and turns draughts into cute auspicious animals, having attracted the attention of DoraHacks. One of its designers was Dora’s former hacker, Wu Yaling, a senior in Major Design from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.

Last time DoraHacks met Wu Yaling when she was hacking in Xi’an. Her team made a warning called SAFE Plus Smart Triangle, which was applied for a new utility patent last year.

How to freely switch between the roles of designers and hackers? DoraHacks interviewed Wu Yaling with curiosity:

Q1: What do you think is the connection between the designer and the hacker? Do you think you are a hacker?

A: They are all creative and have the same goal via different tools and different media. To some extent, hackers are extremely similar to designers. They all have spirits with creative thinking, are easily misunderstood by the general public, and are passionate and motivated to solve problems. Hackers are more like designers via information, computers and technology, while designers are hackers by tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. They are very familiar with these tools and then try to use them to create great works. Designer spirit is also very similar to hacker spirit. They specialize in the skills they are good at, and use these skills to help us create new things in life. So please don’t be afraid to know new things forever.

I think I am hacher on a certain level.

Q2: What do you think is a good design? Can design better help solve real problems?

A: My understanding of design originated from my teacher, Master Lei Si Meng, who said: “There is no best design, only the most reasonable design in a specific situation per unit time exits.” This also becomes my favorite design concept because I think it works in any design area.

Design certainly better helps solve practical problems. The strategy called Design Thinking has helped many entrepreneurs and engineers in Silicon Valley to successfully develop new products and services. Design was previously considered a skill in Silicon Valley companies, but now everyone agrees that design is a way to solve problems and is synonym with creativity. When it comes to Design, many people will think of a designer, visual communication or a part of the bottom of product development.

However, the connotation of design is not simple, there is design everywhere in life. The design extension to life refers to the purpose of planning, everything of our lives is actually a masterpiece after design. It is no exaggeration to say that we live in a well-designed world every day. For example, the cups used in everyday life are reasonable designs that designers have drawn from the use of ergonomics.

Q3: Can you tell us your most proud work that you have made yourself or that finished with others?

A: The favorite work should be BIKEHOTEL, which was designed in collaboration with classmates in a course of the first semester of college junior year. BIKEHOTEL was a mobile device that solves the problem of shared bicycle parking.With the BIKEHOTEL project, we won the first prize in the Shaanxi Division of the 2018 National Undergraduate Industrial Design Competition.

The reason why I love this work was that our team had already paid attention to innovation reflection during the project- In the process of innovation and progress in all walks of life, it solved some existing problems in the exact field, but whether these innovations and changes will also bring new social problems. This was the first time I have been looking at the design objectively from the perspective of a double-edged sword. This project was also a very important turning point in my study of professionalism. Designing BIKEHOTEL had opened up my new eyes on problems.

Q4: Can you tell us about the projects you have been working on recently? What motivates you to work on these projects?

A: I am currently busy with the Forest of Stone Steles Museum Project, the Terracotta Army Project and the Children’s Space Program. For the Forest of Stone Steles Museum in Xi’an, we have made a plan for the Creative and Creative Center from strategy to space to product design output. For the Terracotta Army Project, we have made some interactive products that are temporarily confidential. The Children’s Space Program is a brand-wide overall planning design for a chain of brands that focus on early childhood care. Our direct motivation to choose these project is our interest firstly, but our starting point is that all of our members really want the society and the world to be better.

Q5: As a hack, do you often have novel ideas and look for a few like-minded hacks to work on projects?Or will you participate in interesting projects initiated by others?

A: Before the company was founded, if I had a novel idea, I would go to find a few like-minded hacks to work on projects and also participate in projects initiated by others. However, after the company was founded, we are willing to follow the projects with other companies, or spontaneous projects of our own company.

Q6: In your opinion, how can DoraHacks connect with hackers better?

A: I think if DoraHacks wants to connect with hackers better, DoraHacks should provide platform docking, technical support, and multi-organization hacker exchanges, and regularly visit previous hacks, understand project progress, and be best to provide corresponding resources docking; at each event, DoraHacks may invite more professional hackers, and the team composition becomes more diversified, which will improve the quality and survival of the project.

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