Hack Austin Project Submission Guide

What is Hack Austin?

How is the Prize Pool Distributed?


How to apply?

  1. Open https://hackerlink.io/en/, and click on the right corner to log in. If you’re new to Hackerlink, login with your GitHub or email. If you choose email, a verification code will be sent to your email to create your account.
  • When registering a new account, please fill in your information with your mostly used contacts (such as Whatsapp, and Telegram)

How to Gain More Votes?


  • Fill in your Twitter links and GitHub repos, so community contributors can confirm the identity of you and your project.
  • Complete detailed project information, so that staff can verify the project.
  • Please share your project on social media platforms like Twitter, FB and WeChat friend circle, to let more people know about them and win more community votes (donations).
  • Please submit a real and valid project that is developed by you or your team. Do not submit other’s projects or plagiarize. All plagiarized projects will be disqualified in all grant applications and the community will be notified.

My MetaMask wallet doesn’t have BSC network, what do I do?

  1. Open MetaMask → Settings → Networks, choose “Custom RPC”.

I’ve submitted my project. What’s next?

How do community contributors vote?

How can I check the prize allocation and project ranking?

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