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9 min readMar 31, 2024


Grant DAOs — Long-term Programs Funding BUIDLers

Aptos Grant DAO

Aptos Grant DAO is a long-term funding program for early Aptos BUIDLers, initiated by DoraHacks. The program looks forward to the brightest minds of all tracks to enrich the Aptos ecosystem and get funded. Judging and prize-giving will happen periodically.

Meanwhile, Aptos Grant DAO will also be a part of DoraHacks’ long-term program funding BUIDLers in various blockchain ecosystems, as DoraHacks’ innovation to empower the everlasting hacker movement.

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Dora Grant DAO

  • Dora Grant DAO is a community-driven program to fund the hacker movement — explore and assist hackers with innovative ideas, and eventually help them build important products for the future of multi-chain Web3 ecosystem.
  • The grantees will be offered the valuable opportunities to obtain funding to further develop their projects (BUIDLs) and achieve milestones that they have set out. Meanwhile, they will also get access to the Dora community and corresponding resources helpful for the teams in the further development.

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Injective Grant DAO Round 1

The Injective Illuminate Hackathon 2023 was a standout event with a 100K prize pool and 100+ BUIDLS submitted, providing an unforgettable experience for passionate Injective ecosystem builders.

Building on this success we are excited to announce, DoraHacks and the Injective Foundation have partnered to showcase 10 of the most promising projects from the Injective Illuminate Hackathon, inviting them to participate in the VERY FIRST Injective Quadratic Funding Round.

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ETH Research Grant

Initiated by Dora Dōjo, ETH Research Grant is dedicated to funding projects and research topics in the Ethereum community and promoting the further development of Ethereum. A rolling monthly review is conducted on the Grant, which has a long-term validity.The monthly prize pool is up to 5,000 USDT and individual projects are funded at 300–1,000 USDT.

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Multi-chain Community&DAO Grant

Web3 cannot be what it is today without the power of communities all over the world. Being part of the communities, DoraHacks is thrilled to start Multi-chain DAO&Community Grant(MCDG), a long-term grant funding the sustainable development of Web3 communities and DAOs, as well as showing our love and appreciation to the contributors for the past, present and future of Web3.

The grant provides every qualified community with an initial grant plus a long-term grant by milestones. In Round 1, $100K will be provided for the grant pool.

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Glacier Network DePIN Grant Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Glacier Network DePIN Grant Program, extending a special invitation for you to join DePIN in the realms of Web3 and AI. This collaborative initiative involves the esteemed partnerships with BNB Greenfield, ForesightX and DoraHacks.

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Web3 Hackathons

The Open League Hackathon | TON

Welcome to The Open League Hackathon, organized by the TON Foundation and The Open League program. This hackathon marks a unique point in the development of the TON ecosystem, the beginning of exponential growth. The Open League’s pilot season led to 70% growth in DEX TVL (Total Value Locked) and 370% in daily active wallets. In just 2 weeks. Now it’s time to double down. The first full season of The Open League is here. Starting April 1st, over 3 months, TON Foundation will distribute 30 million Toncoin, roughly equivalent to $160 million.

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SpiderHack by Botanix: the first EVM Hackathon on Bitcoin

Botanix Labs invites you to the SpiderHack, the first Spiderchain hackathon event to create innovative EVM dApps on Botanix, the first EVM-equivalent Layer 2 running on Bitcoin.

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Filecoin | InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC): Data Economy Hackathon

Welcome to the Data Economy Hackathon! This hackathon is all about bringing together the brightest minds to push the boundaries of what’s possible in web3. Imagined by PL Architect in collaboration with our flagship sponsors, Filecoin and InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), we are rallying developers from Asia and across the globe to explore and build on the Protocol Labs Ecosystem tech stack.

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Taraxa TinkerFest

We invite all dApp developers from around the world to build their favorite startup ideas on Taraxa’s EVM-compatible Layer-1 powered by the blockDAG architecture. Building on Taraxa’s next-gen Layer-1 is not only fast and low-cost, it’s also an opportunity to be among the first to build on the revolutionary blockDAG technology that’s the next evolutionary step from block-chain. Taraxa’s native EVM-compatibility means there’s nothing new to learn, just keep using your favorite tools and frameworks from the ETH ecosystem and they all just work on Taraxa!

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ICP Hackathon @Hong Kong

During the Hackathon, there will be official guidance and workshops from DFINITY and its projects, as well as technical support provided by Blockchain Academy. Professional developer communities such as TintinLand, BuilderDAO, UpchainDAO, OpenBuild, and WTF Academy will also be present to offer technical sharing for participants and other developers. As long as the registered projects meets the requirements and integrates with ICP, they can receive the corresponding prize money and subsequent incubation/acceleration support up to 125,000 USD.

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Hack.Summit() Hackathon

Hosted by HackVC and Blockchain Academy, and co-hosted by RockTree Capital, Berachain, Solana Foundation, ScalingX, Auros, Morph, and The Graph, the Hack.Summit() Hackathon will take place from April 9th to April 10th at Cyberport in Hong Kong. The event aims to gather outstanding blockchain developers from around the world, with over 30 teams already registered, competing for a prize pool of over 150,000 Hong Kong dollars. This event is the first large-scale hackathon during the Hong Kong Web3 Festival and marks the first time the valued at $1.5 billion public chain, Berachain, holds a large-scale offline hackathon in Asia, injecting top development talent into Hong Kong. The two-day event is expected to attract over 1,000 participants, including professional developers and industry attendees. The event will feature technical presentations, development guidance, project showcases, and exclusive interview coverage by Techub News.

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2024 Optimism Hackathon

To foster innovation and engage developers in bolstering the Optimism ecosystem, Footprint Analytics, in collaboration with Hamster, presents the Optimism Hackathon. Focusing on GameFi, AI, and data, this hackathon aims to facilitate greater adoption, enhance on-chain applications with AI, and encourage the creation of data-driven applications for long-term stability.

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Planq Long-Term Grant Program — Round Two

After a successful first round, Planq and Dorahacks are teaming up to host the second round of the long-term developer grant program. Developers can complete tasks and receive rewards in Planq’s native token $PLQ. This strategic collaboration aims to foster innovation and engage the developer community in enhancing Planq’s ecosystem.

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TG20 Hackathon: Innovating with GRAM

The TG20 Hackathon is set to ignite the creativity and innovation of developers worldwide, focusing on enhancing the TG20 ecosystem within the Telegram platform. Inspired by the success of integrating blockchain and social trading functionalities, TG20 invites developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible using TG20’s core features and GRAM as the main in-app currency.

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HubaThon StartUp Competition

HubaThon is the Crypto Tourney you all have been waiting for to Showcase your project and have the chance to be recognized as a leader in the crypto space.

This HubaThon event is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of innovation and a chance for emerging crypto projects to make their mark in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

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Frontier Tech Hackathons

Starship Use Cases Hackathon | Your Creativity Shapes the Future of Space

Starship, a super heavy-lift launch vehicle under development by SpaceX, with its transformative potential, paves the way for humanity to reach new frontiers — whether it’s the Moon, Mars, or beyond. We are steadfast in our belief of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, propelling ourselves to the stars.

At the Starship Use Cases Hackathon, our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire and empower space enthusiasts, engineers, and innovators to envision groundbreaking solutions for the future of space exploration.

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Space Resource and Exploration Hackathon

Get ready to blast off into the world of space resources and space exploration! Introducing the Space Resources and Exploration Grant, a long-term initiative by DoraHacks, designed to foster space tech innovation. Submissions are open year-round, so seize this opportunity!

We’re committed to supporting and empowering innovators in this exciting frontier. With a grant pool of $10,000, every project with potential stands a chance to win a minimum of $1000!

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NISQ Quantum Grant

To further support the development of quantum computing applications, open source tools, quantum physics experiments, and community building, the NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum) Quantum Hackathon , initiated by Hacker Dojo, is now available! We’re committed to supporting and empowering innovators in this exciting frontier. With a grant pool of $10,000, every project with potential stands a chance to win a minimum of $1000!

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Coming soon…

Celestia’s Infinite Space Bazaar Hackathon

Welcome to the Infinite Space Bazaar, Celestia’s first global online hackathon! This hackathon is about bringing together the entire Web3 community to push the boundaries of what is possible in the modular ecosystem.


V0RTEx 01 | A Contributors’ Hackathon

Whether you’re a seasoned web3 contributor or a curious explorer, this hackathon is an open invitation to ambitious innovators who want to challenge the status quo. We encourage you to think about the challenges facing mass-adoption, and find solutions to help ease and accelerate the transition. Come jam with other contributors, learn, and level up.


Epic Web3 Hackathon — BlockShow x Blockdown

Epic Web3 Hackathon is the first ever hackathon hosted as a part of the iconic BlockShow conference on May 8–9th, 2024, in Hong Kong. This is a 48-hours chain agnostic builder focused hackathon designed to be a showcase of the local Web3 devs and entrepreneurs.


About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world’s most active multi-chain Web3 developer platforms. It creates a global hacker movement and provides crypto native toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, grant DAOs, and public good staking.

By far, more than 3000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $20 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, DAOs, and more than 40 major blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora’s infrastructure ( for open source funding and community governance.

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