Grants&Hackathons For DoraHackers(3/2)

6 min readMar 2, 2023

DoraHacks Grant DAOs

Aptos Grant DAO

From Nov 7th, DoraHacks launched its long-term funding program for early Aptos BUIDLers — Aptos Grant DAO! The program looks forward to the brightest minds of all tracks to enrich the Aptos ecosystem and get funded. Judging and prize-giving will happen periodically.

Meanwhile, Aptos Grant DAO will also be a part of DoraHacks’ long-term program funding BUIDLers in various blockchain ecosystems, as DoraHacks’ innovation to empower the everlasting hacker movement.

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Dora Grant DAO

  • Dora Grant DAO is a community-driven program to fund the hacker movement — explore and assist hackers with innovative ideas, and eventually help them build important products for the future of multi-chain Web3 ecosystem.
  • The grantees will be offered the valuable opportunities to obtain funding to further develop their projects (BUIDLs) and achieve milestones that they have set out. Meanwhile, they will also get access to the Dora community and corresponding resources helpful for the teams in the further development.

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March for Account Abstraction Hackathon

This hackathon is all about bringing everyone together to encourage the development of entirely new applications or improvements across the ecosystem, with a focus on achieving Account Abstraction using the new Safe{Core} AA SDK and powerful stacks by Superfluid, Gelato, Cowswap, Gnosis Chain, Stripe, Web3Auth and Base.

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Gelato ETHDenver Bounties

These bounties are open from February 24th to March 5th. You must submit your project by 8am MST on March 5th to be eligible. The Gelato bounties will be judged and winners will be announced around March 7th.

For more details on the specific bounties as well as some ideas on what to build, check out our blog post here.

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Hack-a-TONx w/ DoraHacks

Welcome to the first Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks. Hack-a-TONx is a series of hackathons that brings together Web2 and Web3 developers, technologists, and cypherpunks to prototype new blockchain-enabled products on TON. Talented developers across the world, including Telegram team, is choosing TON as its Layer-1 of preference (e.g., Fragment). Whether you are a group of independent developers building a new use-case, or a seasoned venture builder team in search of a scalable blockchain with massive distribution potential for a Web3 enabled service, come explore and push the boundaries on TON.

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HackaTRON Season 4 — TRON Grand Hackathon

TRON DAO is thrilled to launch the 2023 HackaTRON s4. This HackaTRON is designed not only to empower developers to BUIDL better but to help out connecting the overall blockchain ecosystems around the world.

The HackaTRON season 4 creates opportunities for unheard talents to make their marks and accelerate the development of Web 3.0 while promoting the growth of the blockchain ecosystem at the same time.

With a $500,000 prize pool on TRON it is time to build!

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Waves Global Hackathon 2022

Welcome to Waves Global Hackathon 2022. Running online from 15th October until 15th December with one of the leading hackathon organizers DoraHacks. We look forward to you joining us as we bring together different people throughout the industry from creators, artists, developers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative projects that can run on the Waves blockchain and which seek to change the world of tomorrow today. This year there is a prize pool of $100,000.

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ETH Research Grant

Initiated by Hacker Dōjo, ETH Research Grant is dedicated to funding projects and research topics in the Ethereum community and promoting the further development of Ethereum. A rolling monthly review is conducted on the Grant, which has a long-term validity.The monthly prize pool is up to 5,000 USDT and individual projects are funded at 300–1,000 USDT. The 2nd round goes from Jan 29th — Feb 28th, 2023.

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CodeGeeX “Coding With AI” Hackathon

Come to CodeGeeX Hackathon! It will be held for 63 days , welcoming all developers around the world . With sponsorship and computing resources from some of the most prominent players in AI, 2023 CGH will pave the way for developers to future success, help developers connect with potential partners, and become a leader in AI Coding!

This Hackathon is supported by CodeGeeX, Tencent Cloud, Zhipu AI and DoraHacks.

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AvesHack Grant Program

AvesHack will provide a long-term funding program for Aptos teams and developers through our Grant Program! We will award winners cash prizes on a rolling basis until the $100K prize pool is fully distributed. Throughout this journey, we hope to continue to support top projects and builders who have the potential to drive growth and traction in the Move ecosystem.

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NISQ Quantum Hackathon

To further support the development of quantum computing applications, open source tools, quantum physics experiments, and community building, the NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum) Quantum Hackathon, initiated by Hacker Dojo, is now available! The hackathon’s application channel is open to the public for an extended period. Teams conducting research in quantum computing are encouraged to apply and participate in advancing the ecological development of quantum technology.

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Coming soon…

Archway Hackathon — Release Your Inner Bull

By participating in the Archway hackathon, developers have the chance to launch dapps at mainnet, enabling developers to become early contributors to the ecosystem. With mainnet around the corner, Archway wants to give developers the chance to become a part of the community now. Come explore and push the boundaries on Archway.

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ETH Beijing Hackathon

The hackathon is hosted by PKU Blockchain DAO (Beijing University Blockchain Association) and WTF Academy, co-organized by, ETHPlanet and Scroll, with three main tracks and a total prize pool of $30,000+. As long as you have enough technical or research strength, you are welcome to participate in this event as an individual or in a team!

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About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world’s most active multi-chain Web3 developer platforms. It creates a global hacker movement and provides crypto native toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, grant DAOs, and public good staking.

By far, more than 3000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $20 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, DAOs, and more than 40 major blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora’s infrastructure ( for open source funding and community governance.

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