DoraHacks’ Filecoin Grant Voting Guide

DoraHacks’ Filecoin Grant is open for submission to all developers around the world! The grant is open until July 18th, and projects can enter the grant program to share the prize pool up to $50 thousand.

All projects bullt on Filecoin or related with Filecoin are eligible to enter the grant. Many of the projects are very exciting and they need support from our communities.

Communities can support them by giving them vote. When you vote on the projects, you are making direct donations of USDCs to them, and become one of their sponsors.

How to Vote/Sponsor the Projects I Like?

2. Click “Grant” on the top-bar, then click “Filecoin Grant” on the page. Make sure you’re seeing the Filecoin Grant Round 1 page. Or you can try clicking

Then click “Grant BUIDLs” to view project details.

3. Select projects you decide to vote for and click on “Vote”. Note that every vote is a direct donation of USDCs to support the projects. Choose wallet (MetaMask or WalletConnect ).

Please configure the network to BSC Mainnet.

How to Switch to BSC Mainnet on MetaMask?

2. Input the following information:

3. Select the number of votes you’d like to give.

The first vote of each voter for every project in this round costs 1 USDC. According to quadratic funding algorithm, your Nth vote towards the same project costs 1*N USDCs. More details about voting please refer to “Quadratic Payments”.

4. Confirm in the wallet, and submit votes.

5. You can check the leaderboard for real-time voting (funding) results.

If you have any questions, please add DoraHacks Helper on Telegram to get more support. We’d love to hear your advice :)

What is Quadratic Funding? How does it work?

Quadratic Funding Grant is inspired by Vitalik Buterin and GitCoin’s early practice on the Quadratic Funding Mechanism to fund public capital in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The funding mechanism includes two grant pools:

A. Direct donations from community contributors

B. A matching prize pool from sponsors

The quadratic funding algorithm is intended to increase the weight of community and decrease the weight of a single contributor. It makes it more difficult for a single contributor to invest heavily into one single project, and such encourages community contributors to donate to more projects.

To know more about quadratic voting, check the article Quadratic Funding algorithm by Vitalik Buterin.

About Filecoin Grant

Filecoin Grant Global Online Hackathon is open for developers from all over the world starting from May 1 to July 18, 2021. The hackathon is co-organized by Filecoin, a decentralized storage network, and DoraHacks, a global developer community and hackathon organizer.

The program encourages and supports early-stage developer projects building next-generation decentralized protocols and applications on Filecoin. All the participants can submit their projects on DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform for a chance to win the $50K grand prize pool.

Risk Notifications

Please note that the smart contracts generated from the Website will arrange and transfer the donated fund, to conduct quadratic funding algorithm, and distribute contribution funds to the projects of which the voting results in favor. Please understand that the website cannot guarantee the authenticity, legality and validity of the project information, though admins will contact the projects to verify the validity with their best effort. Please be aware of the risks of donation and voting and make rational decisions. Filecoin, HackerLink, or DoraHacks aren’t held responsible for any adverse consequences if any.

If you have any question, please contact us in Telegram. We would like to hear more from you and let’s keep in touch!

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About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a decentralized global developer community, hackathon organizer, and venture builder. DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform provides tools to incentivize and foster open-source blockchain development, such as grants, bounties, BUIDLs, and hackathons.

For more information on DoraHacks, please visit our website.

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