DoraHacks Blockchain Hackathon@SEA 101: What, When, and How?

4 min readApr 26, 2021


What’s DoraHacks Blockchain Hackathon@SEA?

Greetings everyone, we’re DoraHacks, global hackathon organizer! DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series (GHS) is coming to Southeast Asia! It’s an online hackathon open to developers from SEA. You can participate from wherever you are.

We want to shout out to everyone who is interested in connecting with the best developers, designers, artists, hackers, enthusiasts, investors, and #BUIDLers in the SEA Crypto Space!

We aim to unite and support early-stage blockchain enthusiasts and projects on 6 tracks, BSC, ETH, HECO, Polkadot, Filecoin and Dora Factory, with an initial prize pool of $8,000, sponsored by BSC and Konomi! Also sponsored by Dora Factory, each applicant who successfully registers for this hackathon will get $DORA as a reward.

DoraHacks is where Hackers build together. We host hackathons all over the world with the belief that everyone has the opportunity to make a unicorn product.

This Hackathon will be online from April 5 to May 30.

Quick Facts about DoraHacks Grants/Hackathons:

  1. Free admission forever.
  2. Simple steps: all you need to do submit for a hackathon are:

A project logo and the github link to its repository;

Your wallet connection (to get donation and a share of the prize pool; metamask is mostly suggested);

(optional) Your twitter or facebook profile;

3. No “winner takes all”. On DoraHacks’ developer platform , every project can get votes and every vote counts according to our innovative quadratic funding algorithm. Many hackathons only reward champions, but on hackerlink, if you get votes, you get a share of the prize pool.

4. Binance will help promote your projects! Official retweet, global live demo session, exclusive interviews, funding opportunities…… you can expect more :)

How to Apply?

Every applicant can join the hackathon via The steps are very easy. Averagely, applicants can finish the whole process in 10 minutes.

The application guide: Step by Step, see

Here’s the Telegram group chat for developers:

If you encounter any trouble with registration, don’t hesitate to contact our DoraHacks Helper via Telegram @hackerlinkofficial ! She doesn’t even sleep :P

Who Can Apply?

Every developer from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan in the following fields can apply for this online hackathon:

Solidity | IPFS | NFT | FIL | ZKP

Rust | Substrate | Polkadot | Kusama | Polkadot JS

Front-end | Back-end | Full Stack | Mobile App Development

Meme creator | Crypto Artist | DAO curator | UI/UX

There’s a TON of Benefits that We prepared for you

  • $8,000 Initial Prize Pool, sponsored by BSC and Konomi.
  • Quadratic Voting Community Direct Donations: Sky is the Limit. You can receive community donations from every corner of the world.
  • Every applicant who registers for the hackathon and passes our verification process will get 0.5 DORA as a reward.
  • Project Live Demo: Teams will be invited to present their projects in live sessions. It will have massive exposure to the community and DoraHacks GHS Venture Partners. Our GHS Venture Partners are:

How Does the Prize Pool Get Distributed?

In DoraHacks’ Hackathons, developers get funded from two sources: a share of the initial prize pool and community direct donation(votes).

The prize pool will be distributed by popularity, which means more people vote for your project, more rewards you will get at the end of the hackathon. And for votes cost tokens (in the case of our Blockchain Hackathon@SEA, it costs USDC), when you get votes, you get direct donation from the voter.

In our hackathons, few projects have got 0 vote at the end of the hackathon, namely almost everyone can get direct donation and a share of the initial prize pool.

The cost of every vote is different according to our innovative Quadratic Funding algorithm. QF is inspired by Vitalik Buterin and GitCoin’s early practice on the Quadratic Funding Mechanism to fund public goods in the Ethereum ecosystem. With a quadratic funding algorithm, the cost of each vote to a single project from a single contributor will increase, this encourages community contributors to donate to more projects.

To know more about quadratic voting, check the article Quadratic Funding algorithm by Vitalik Buterin.

Useful links:

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