China's Biggest Hacker Party in 2019 | The 4th Industrial Revolution Now Kicking Off

Global hacker organization DoraHacks today announced “The 4th Industrial Revolution (第四次工业革命)” also known as DoraHacks 2019 “Thousand-Hacker Hackathon(千人HACK)” in the year of the 20th anniversary of “Hackathon” has officially kick started.

“The 4th Industrial Revolution” by DoraHacks will be the largest hackathon event ever in china which has over one thousand participants. From 19th to 21st July, hackers that from variant industries and backgrounds will team up and spend time with the scientists, professionals, and experts in Beijing for three full days. Together they will solve the hottest and the most pressing problems within “The 4th Industrial Revolution”.

As the biggest front-tier tech hackathon in China this year, “the 4th industrial revolution” Hackathon by DoraHacks will set up different tracks for the hackers, which include 5G, IoT, A. I., Blockchain and more. Also tracks like medical health, environment, social innovation will be included in-order to host a big cross-over tech-party for all hackers.

In addition, DoraHacks is going to host the event together with partners including MeiTuan, Bosch, Webank, SenseTime, Microsoft Accelerator, Ant Financial, NetEase Yunxin, Binance, NEO, as well as and media, universities, colleges, communities including 36Kr, Tsinghua x-lab, YSI China, APEC Voices of the Future and more. Also, the judging panel will include hundreds of start-up CEOs, leading VCs and scientists. Together we will share our ideas and work together to search for an innovative solution.

Eric Zhang, the founder of DoraHacks, said, “Every industrial revolution is a milestone where the work efficiency and productivity of human will increasingly grow. As for the hackers, this time they can join an exciting tech carnival. We will represent the Hacker communities to contribute more in the development of technology through ‘the 4th Industrial Revolution’ Hackathon. We will let the world see the innovative minds and adventurous spirits of hackers in China.”

Join the party, light up the July and ignite “the 4th industrial revolution”! Sign Up at:

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DoraHacks is one of the most active global hacker organization in the world that reached over 300,000 hackers, hosted hackathons in 15 cities from 8 countries, with more than 600 partners. DoraHacks facilitates the connection and the collaboration of world’s hackers by exploring people’s potential by solving world’s most important and pressing problems in order to creat a techtopia, which is the coolest way of problem solving in the future.

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