Celo Mobile DeFi Hackathon@APAC Application Guide

4 min readOct 4, 2021


BUILD and Submit Your Project on HackerLink:

https://hackerlink.io/en/grant/CELO/1/buidl (link will be accessible when the hackathon officially launches on Oct 8th)

How to Apply

  1. Open https://hackerlink.io/en/, and click on the right corner to log in. (If you’re new to Hackerlink, please sign up. You can skip mobile verification code.)

2. Go to https://hackerlink.io/en/grant/CELO/1/buidl and click “Apply Grant”.

3. Choose “Celo Mobile DeFi Hackathon” and connect your wallet using CELO mainnet and prepare little amount of CELO as gas fee. (DoraHacks can offer some CELO for applicants who do not have enough balance. Please contact @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram for help.)

Check how to connect to CELO Mainnet in the next part.

4. Fill in the form to offer the information of your project. For URLs, please give only 1 URL in every blank.

For project source, please choose “Hackathon”.

5. Click “Confirm” to submit and give gas fee. Please contact @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram for project verification after submission.

You will be able to see your submitted project on the Celo Grant BUIDL page when the verification succeed.

6. You can edit any details of your project in “Account-My BUIDLs”.

if you are also interested in participating in the Celo global hackathon, please register and submit as below:

1)Register at: https://mobiledefi.devpost.com/ and specify your location countries.
2) Submit your projects at: https://github.com/celo-org/make-crypto-mobile-hackathon

How to Switch to CELO Mainnet on MetaMask?

  • Add Custom RPC in MetaMask

Enter in the CELO Mainnet settings as follows:

What is Quadratic Funding? How does it work?

Quadratic Voting is a voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes. The simplified formula on how quadratic voting functions is

Cost to the voter = 1+2+3+…+ number of votes CELO.

Individual community contributors can vote for their preferred projects to push them ahead in the funding round. The votes cost CELO, which are directly donated to the respective projects after the round.

With a quadratic funding algorithm, the cost of each vote to a single project from a single contributor will increase, this encourages community contributors to donate to more projects.

Quadratic Funding was later introduced to the blockchain community by the Gitcoin team by Gitcoin quadratic funding grants. Community members can donate cryptos to new projects to appreciate their effort in building public goods for a specific community. In previous Gitcoin Grants, community members donate ETH to the Ethereum ecosystem projects as community Grants to help them continuously get funded.

To know more about quadratic voting, you can check the Quadratic Funding algorithm by Vitalik Buterin.

About Celo

Celo’s aim is to empower anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world to have access to financial services, send money to phone numbers, and pay merchants — on a decentralized platform that is operated by a community of users.

To achieve this, Celo is a complete stack of new blockchain software, core libraries that run on that blockchain, and end user applications including a Wallet app that communicate with that logic.


View the Developer Code Examples page to get started using the Celo SDKs with guided coding exercises.

For other information about some of the key tools and resources that will help developers start building applications on Celo, please visit https://mobiledefi.devpost.com/resources

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world’s most active developer communities. HackerLink (https://hackerlink.io/en) is DoraHacks’ open source developer platform and open source curation market. HackerLink provides unique on-chain tools to incentivize open source developments around the world. The platform is offering features including hacker profile, BUIDL, quadratic funding grants, bonding curve, bounties, hackathons to more than 100,000 users around the world.

Risk Notifications

Please note that the smart contracts generated from the Website will arrange and transfer the donated fund, to conduct quadratic funding algorithm, and distribute contribution funds to the projects of which the voting results in favor. Please understand that the website cannot guarantee the authenticity, legality and validity of the project information, though admins will contact the projects to verify the validity with their best effort. Please be aware of the risks of donation and voting and make rational decisions. Celo, HackerLink, or DoraHacks aren’t held responsible for any adverse consequences if any.

If you have any question, please contact us in Telegram. We would like to hear more from you and let’s keep in touch!

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