Binance Smart Chain will become the title sponsor of DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series(GHS) 2021

Binance Smart Chain(BSC)will become the title sponsor of the Global Hackathon Series (GHS) hosted by the world’s leading hackathon organizer and blockchain developer platform DoraHacks in the year 2021, aiming to discover and cultivate the projects with the most potential in the field. Also, these projects will be launched on the BSC blockchain network. Reportedly, GHS will be held in 13 cities across North America, Asia, and Europe. Meanwhile, HackerLink, a platform for blockchain developers by DoraHacks, will launch the Quadratic Funding Grant Program in January 2021, together with BSC. This program will encourage members and eco-programs from the Binance community to jointly support new developers’ projects, enrich and promote the BSC ecosystem.

Currently, GHS is planned to be held in Austin (mid-April), Silicon Vally & San Fransico (late June), Denver (mid-June), Chicago (mid-May), Boston & New York (late May), Waterloo (mid-July), Zurich (mid-September), Bangalore (early November), Beijing (early March), Ho Chi Minh City (mid-October).

Nurturing Star Projects, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will Co-host DoraHacks Global Hackathons.

In 2021, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will become the title sponsor of the Global Hackathon Series (GHS) hosted by DoraHacks, the world’s leading hackathon organizer and blockchain developer platform, aiming to cultivate the most creative hackers, discover the most promising original projects in the industry and help them launch on the BSC network. Reportedly, GHS will be held in North America (Austin, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York, Nashville, Waterloo), Europe (Berlin, Zurich, London), and Asia (Bangalore, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Hangzhou).

Grow with Global Blockchain Hackers to Host Leading Hackathons

As one of the most influential developer communities in China and one of the most active hackathon organizers in the world, DoraHacks’s mission is “to connect developers around the world to create amazing ventures and solve important problems.” Since its establishment in 2014, DoraHacks has united with more than 600 partners to organize hackathons and build developer communities in 15 cities, 8 countries, generating over 1800 open source projects in hackathons. DoraHacks organized China’s first blockchain security hackathon in 2018. In 2019, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution Hackathon” with thousands of participants was held by DoraHacks in Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning, Beijing.

This time, by title sponsoring the global hackathon series, Binance Smart Chain will link to top developers from all over the world more effectively. Hackathons will be restarted after the soothing of the current pandemic. These hackathons will be built as top events with global attention.

Binance Smart Chain Empowers Multiple Tracks Available for Participation

In September this year, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was officially launched. Meanwhile, a $100 million ecosystem fund has been set up by BSC. Based on the new PoSA (Proof of Staked Authority) consensus plugin, BSC achieves programmable scalability and compatibility with the existing Ethereum ecosystem while supporting assets across chains. Since the launch of BSC, the construction of the DeFi ecosystem has been in full swing. The basic components of DeFi such as oracle, wallet, etc., have been completed within a short period.

While the basic components and tools keep improving, BSC has gathered a group of important partners in the DeFi field. In the Global Hackathon Series (GHS), BSC will title sponsor 10 of them, focusing on DeFi and BSC development, covering multiple tracks such as debits, derivatives, trades and aggregators, and so forth. Those outstanding projects will be supported.

Discovering original projects, improving the Development of the BSC ecosystem

In 2020, interests in Bitcoin and blockchain applications had surged skyward into dramatic heights, with the value of funds locked up in smart contracts hitting an all-time high. In the early stages of development, the future of the blockchain ecosystem is bright and prosperous, harbouring countless opportunities.

According to CoinMarketCap’s top 5 DeFi project market value ranking, Binance was the first leading trading platform to list top DeFi projects. In addition to accurate judgment and high-quality DeFi project listings, Binance also participated in DeFi projects more in-depth. Take the current application; for example, the KAVA project has made a preliminary attempt for DeFi’s multi-network interoperability through the Binance Smart Chain.

In the coming 10 hackathons of GHS, more original tech and Dapp innovations will be discovered and created in the fields of DeFi (Decentralised Finance), NFT (non-homogenized token), DAO (decentralized organization), Layer-2 (Layer 2 infrastructure), Cross Chain, etc., so that they can take the stage of Binance and deliver services to the community, gaining attention from top funds and partners in the blockchain industry.

Solve Real-World Problems, Win Bounties, and Grants on HackerLink

In the upcoming DoraHacks GHS, hackers can help fast-growing blockchain projects solve their real code problems while implementing their own ideas. Some DeFi projects will release problems as GitHub issues and publish bounties on HackerLink, a platform for blockchain developers. Winning teams that solve problems will automatically receive bounty rewards from smart contracts. Payment is in crypto, such as ETH, USDC, and so on.

Along with the Global Hackathon Series (GHS), DoraHacks’ developer platform HackerLink will launch “Quadratic Funding Grant” feature in January 2021. Grant is a new development model of the public chain ecosystem that is not limited by time and space. It is a way to allow the community to support community projects. The Grant will be conducted with a smart contract and HackerLink’s front end. Blockchain developers from all over the world will be able to submit their new developments on Binance Smart Chain and get funded by the BSC community and other BSC ecosystem projects.

Developer-friendly, low fees, and fast transaction speed are among the features of Binance Smart Chain. By being compatible with Ethereum EVM, BSC greatly reduces the migration cost of developers. The online & offline cooperation between BSC and DoraHacks will continue to expand BSC’s ecosystem and improve its development. Meanwhile, both developers and the community can enjoy, or more importantly, support innovations that matter in the future.




A leading global hacker organization.

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A leading global hacker organization.

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