Binance Africa Hackathon Application Guide

5 min readJun 8, 2021

About the Hackathon

Binance Africa Hackathon is open for registration starting from June 7th for all open source developers in Africa! This hackathon is exclusively hosted by Binance Smart Chain and sponsored by Mobox, Refinable, Bundle, Quidax, Fortube, and 1 inch on, a developer platform by DoraHacks.

So why wait? Come and join to win a slice of the $30,000+ prize pool plus additional community donations via building the next generation of decentralized protocols and applications on the Binance Smart Chain!


Submission Period: June 7th, 2021 — June 28th, 2021

Voting Period: June 7th, 2021 — June 28th, 2021

Who can apply?

Any open source developers are welcome to join! However, your projects must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Completely made for open source
  • Built on Binance Smart Chain
  • Related to DeFi or NFTs

We are looking forward to projects enhancing the blockchain developments in areas related to savings, lending and borrowing, swaps, royalties and renting, elections, identity management, land ownership, NFTs marketplaces and other relevant fields.

Here we provide two project samples that fulfill our criteria as examples. However, please feel free to be as creative as possible.


  1. A BSC live dashboard to aggregate and filter all the NFT related BSC projects.
  2. A protocol to determine the authenticity of NFT.

How to apply


Create an account with Metamask wallet or Walletconnect, connect to BSC Mainnet and then prepare a certain amount of BNB (0.005 at least) for gas fee.

Step 1:

Go to the login tab at to login to your existing account or create a new account.

* For new users, we highly recommend you to link your GitHub account and fill in as much information as possible under the “profile” and “account” tabs while creating your new account.

Step 2:

Go back to the homepage and click on “Grant”, the second tab of the primary navigation. Select “BSC Africa”. Once you have selected the BSC Africa grant, you should see the BSC Africa grant image appear on the slider.

Or you may also use this link to reach BSC Africa Grant’s page:

Step 3:

Click on “Apply Grant

Step 4:

Select “Binance Africa Hackathon- Grant Round 1” from the drop down list.

(Insert Picture here, can’t get it from our website yet)

*Please ensure your wallet account (MetaMask or WalletConnect) is connected to HackerLink and your network is on BSC Mainnet.

If you are unable to find BSC Mainnet from your existing networks list on your wallet, please select “Custom RPC” and then fill in the BSC Mainnet details as shown below:

Network Name : BSC Mainnet


Chain ID : 56

Symbol : BNB

Block Explorer :

Step 5:

You can use an existing BUIDL (project) or create a new BUIDL to apply for the grant.

*Only fields marked with asterisk signs (*) are mandatory. However, we strongly recommend you to fill in as much of the information as you can for your BUIDL, team and other social media accounts. This information will help smoothen out the verification process of your BUIDL and help your BUIDL to gain further exposure down the road.

Step 6:

Read the “PROMISE” popup notification before clicking “Confirm”.

*Please only submit an authentic project to the grant. Any plagiarism found will disqualify your eligibility to participate further in the BSC Africa Grant and the whole community will be notified.

Step 7:

Click “Confirm” on your wallet to authorize the transaction of the gas fee to complete your application to the grant.

Step 8:

Congratulations! You have completed your part of the application process! Your BUIDL will appear on the “Grant BUIDLs” page once it has been verified by Hackerlink.

After submission

Have something new to add to your BUIDL?

No problem! You can always go to “My Profile” and click on the BUIDLs that you would like to edit.

Projects successfully submitted will be displayed on the Hackerlink Quadratic Leaderboard with the real-time votes, community contribution and subsidy matching information throughout the entire event.

Want to learn more about quadratic funding mechanisms?

Go to :

About Dorahacks

DoraHacks is a decentralized global developer community, hackathon organizer, and venture builder. DoraHacks’ blockchain developer platform provides tools to incentivize and foster open-source blockchain development, such as grants, bounties, BUIDLs, and hackathons.

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Need Help?

If you need help with the registration process or teaming up, please contact us via telegram: @hackerlinkofficial