Application Guide: BSC Gamefi Hackathon@Russia&Eastern Europe

Binance Smart Chain GameFi Hackathon — Russia & Eastern Europe is from 18 to 31 October, 2021. Developers participating in this round can submit project in Apply Grant page and select «BSC Russia & Easter Europe GameFi Hackathon» as project source. After internal checking, the submitted project will display on the round’s page, and a real-time community donation ranking will be available on the leaderboard.

All submissions must be projects built on the Binance Smart Chain and must be made completely open source. All submissions must be related to GameFi. We want to build, experiment and push forward the frontier of what is possible with NFTs and DeFi.

How to apply


Create an account with Metamask wallet or Walletconnect, connect to BSC Mainnet and then prepare a certain amount of BNB (0.005 at least) for gas fee.

  • Gas fee needed. If you do not have enough balance in your wallet, please contact @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram. We can help!
  • Please add @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram to verify your project, otherwise your project would not be voted.

Step 1:

Go to the login tab at to login to your existing account or create a new account.

* For new users, we highly recommend you to link your GitHub account and fill in as much information as possible under the “profile” and “account” tabs while creating your new account. Phone number verification can be skipped.

Step 2:

Go to the grant page and click “Apply Grant”.

Step 3:


*Please ensure your wallet account (MetaMask or WalletConnect) is connected to HackerLink and your network is on BSC Mainnet.

If you are unable to find BSC Mainnet from your existing networks list on your wallet, please select “Custom RPC” and then fill in the BSC Mainnet details as shown below:

Network Name : BSC Mainnet


Chain ID : 56

Symbol : BNB

Block Explorer :

Step 4:

You can use an existing BUIDL (project) or create a new BUIDL to apply for the grant.

  • For project source, please select “Hackathon”.
  • For URLs, please put in only ONE URL in each blank.
  • If you want to add your team members, please make sure they have registered on the website. Team members can be added via their email address.

Step 5:

Read the “PROMISE” popup notification before clicking “Confirm”.

*Please only submit an authentic project to the grant. Any plagiarism found will disqualify your eligibility to participate further in the BSC Africa Grant and the whole community will be notified.

Step 6:

Click “Confirm” on your wallet to authorize the transaction of the gas fee to complete your application to the grant. You will see “Project submitted” if it’s successful.

* Please add @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram to verify your project, otherwise your project would not be voted.

Step 7:

Congratulations! You have completed your part of the application process! Your BUIDL will appear on the “Grant BUIDLs” page once it has been verified by Hackerlink.

After submission

Have something new to add to your BUIDL?

No problem! You can always go to “Account” and click on My BUIDLs to edit.

Projects successfully submitted will be displayed on the Hackerlink Quadratic Leaderboard with the real-time votes, community contribution and subsidy matching information throughout the entire event.

Want to learn more about quadratic funding mechanism?

Go to :


Submission Period: Oct 18, 2021 — Oct 31th, 2021

Community Voting Period: Oct 18, 2021 — Oct 31th, 2021

Judges Voting Period: Nov 1, 2021 — Nov 5th, 2021

Prize distribution

The event will consist of 2 phases:

Phase 1 (Oct 18–31)

To determine the leaders, we will use the quadratic funding algorithm, and make the ladder of projects by the quadratic results of the community members’ voting. Each member of the community will be able to donate to any project (or projects) that they like using their own funds. On the hackathon page on the Hackerlink website, after selecting a project you like, you can click on “Vote”. The distribution of votes from the community will ultimately determine what projects will be picked for phase 2.

Anyone can use BUSD to vote on projects and teams they like, BUSD donations will be directly transferred to projects.

Phase 2 (Nov 1–5)

We will pick top 10 projects that were determined by quadratic funding of the community and our judges will score each project based on following criteria:

Size of potential audience (0–10 points)

P2E potential (0–10 points)

Uniqueness of the idea (0–10 points)

Diversity of P2E mechanics (1–4 points)

Game design (1–4 points)

Low competition, no “same” games (1–4 points)

Top 3 projects will be rewarded with our grant, provided by BSC and our sponsors based on following proportions:

Top 1–50%

Top 2–30%

Top 3–20%

About this hackathon

GameFi industry started to grow rapidly this year. Binance Smart Chain became one of the core tools for Play-to-Earn (P2E) developers due to its cheap and fast transactions. We would like to attract even more talented developers from Easter Europe that are ready to leverage all benefits of BSC for their projects and support the best of them.That is why we decided to conduct a Central Eastern Europe GameFi hackathon.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world’s most active developer communities. HackerLink ( is DoraHacks’ open source developer platform and open source curation market. HackerLink provides unique on-chain tools to incentivize open source developments around the world. The platform is offering features including hacker profile, BUIDL, quadratic funding grants, bonding curve, bounties, hackathons to more than 100,000 users around the world.

For more Information

Please visit our Website| TelegramTwitterYoutube

Need Help?

If you need help with the registration process or teaming up, please contact us via telegram: @hackerlinkofficial



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