11 BUIDL projects participated in Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2. Quadratic voting will take place next Monday.

The grant will begin its on-chain Quadratic Voting on November 29th, Monday . This will be the very first grant hosted by Substrate-native, as well as the very first application of the Dora Factory Polka Factory local test network.

The subsidy matching is sponsored by DF with 8,000 DORA, worth approximately $150,000 USD. Users can stake DORA via DORAID on the Ethereum mainnet to obtain an on-chain identity and receive the same number of test network native tokens in return, known as the DORATEST[0]. The token is used for Quadratic Voting exclusively.

8 Dora Factory ecosystem projects are shortlisted, namely DAOrayaki, a decentralized media outlet; SnapFingersDAO, a research organization focused on cutting-edge blockchain tracks; Aletheia, a decentralized governance system modeling tool; Hackathon DAO, a decentralized developer organization; Dora Factory’s eco-fund: Moloch DAO Fund; ShowMe, a subscription-focused NFT social platform; Substrate Multisig, a multi-signature wallet; SeeDAO, a metaverse creator guild; Tokenized Impact Bonds (TIBs), revolutionizing the delivery of social services by using public blockchains; Viva la Vida, a non-profit organization where people share their purpose of life through art, enhancing interpersonal and intercultural understanding; EntangledQuery, a global technical knowledge sharing platform for quantum developers..

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